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Conservation: Business Programs & Services
In today's competitive market, it makes good sense to work as efficiently as possible. Seattle City Light
has a wide variety of services available to help your business reduce its electricity costs while enhancing productivity.

Joint Utility Rebate for Advanced Rooftop Controllers (ARC) Seattle City Light, Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish County PUD and Tacoma Power PUD are offering a rebate of:
  • $225 per ton for electricity savings and $50 per ton for gas savings
  • Up to 70% of qualifying project cost, for installation of Advance Rooftop Controllers on existing single-zone packaged RTUs with constant speed supply fans, nominal cooling capacity of 5 tons
    or greater, and are less than 15 years old.
Projects that do not meet requirements may still be eligible for a custom inventive.

For additional program qualifications please refer to the program workbook or call (206) 684-3800 for more information. Download the informational flyer here.

For Medium-to-Large-Size
Commercial and Industrial Customers:
Seattle City Light offers incentives for energy efficiency equipment and controls that help businesses to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.
For Small Business Customers:
  Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses
    Six basic steps which small businesses can take to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.
For Apartment and Condo Owners:
  Multifamily Common Area Lighting
    Rebates for eligible owners of multifamily buildings; apply online now.
  Multifamily Weatherization
    Weatherization for eligible owners of buildings with 5 or more units; apply online now.
For All Business Customers:
  Lighting Design Lab
    Efficient lighting assistance for commercial customers and lighting designers
  Natural Gas Energy Efficiency For Your Business
    at For questions about your natural gas service, contact Puget Sound Energy at 1.800.562.1482.
  Vending Machine Energy Conservation
    $80 rebates available on energy saving controls for vending machines.

Seattle City Light Energy Conservation Incentives:
Small Commercial
Medium and Large Commercial and Multifamily Buildings

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or call (206) 684-3800

What's New:

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· City Light partners with local businesses for energy conservation acquisition - If you have to see it to believe it, then check out our new video, which highlights the conservation efforts of two of City Light's key customers.