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Energy Smart Services: Industrial Customers

Financial Incentives & Technical Assistance for our Industrial Customers

For over 30 years, your Seattle City Light has been helping industrial customers reduce energy use and operating costs to boost their profits and enhance safety. We continue to offer energy conservation incentives and want you to take advantage of our generous program, Energy Smart Services.

We can perform an energy survey, pay for an energy analysis/study, and pay up to 70% of project costs. We have funded many projects, including:

  • Lighting upgrades: T8's, T5's, HIDs, daylighting and occupancy controls.
  • Compressed air system upgrades: new compressors, variable speed drive compressors, additional storage tanks, and cycling refrigerated dryers.
  • Ammonia refrigeration system upgrades: compressor staging control; thermosyphon oil cooling; and variable speed drives (VSDs) on compressors, condensers and evaporators.
  • VSD installations on cooling tower fans, baghouse fans and pumps.
  • Controls: Ventilation fans, industrial process
  • Heat recovery
  • Electric furnace upgrades
  • Galvanizing tank insulation and temperature control
  • Premium efficiency motors

and just about anything else that saves electricity.

Together we will save more energy, keep our rates low, our environment green, and your competitiveness high. Our Energy Management Analysts are ready to meet with you to answer any questions you might have about our program.

We look forward to your participation.

Steps to Participate

  1. Call 206.684.3800
  2. Work with the assigned Energy Management Analyst (EMA) to identify projects, collect data, etc.
  3. Provide SCL with a copy of the bid for any projects that will receive funding
  4. Sign a contract with SCL to secure funding
  5. Proceed with the installation
  6. Contact your SCL Analyst for inspection(s)
  7. Submit a copy of your invoices to SCL for payment
Energy Smart Services from Seattle City Light provides energy efficiency services to medium and large commercial and industrial customers. To find out about available offerings call an Energy Advisor at 206.684.3800, or email

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If you have questions, contact us at:
or call (206) 684-3800

Jorgensen: Baghouse Fan VSD and Controls Jorgensen
Baghouse Fan VSD and Controls
· $53,000 savings/year
· 5.4 years payback w/o incentive
· 2.1 years payback w/incentive

Northwestern Industries, Inc: New Glass Tempering Oven Northwestern Industries, Inc.
New Glass Tempering Oven
· $326,000 savings/year
· 6.7 years payback w/o incentive
· 4.4 years payback w/incentive

Ocean Beauty Seafoods: 40-hp VSD Air Compressor
Ocean Beauty Seafoods
40-hp VSD Air Compressor
· $8,980 savings/year
· 3.5 years payback w/o incentive
· 1.1 years payback w/incentive

Lighting Design Lab
With their knowledge of the latest in lighting technology, experts at the LDL can help you choose the most cost-effective and aesthetic lighting options for your business. Most services are free. Call 206-325-9711 for an appointment.