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The Seattle City Attorney's Office is open to guests by appointment only. If you need to contact the City Attorney's Office, please call (206) 684-8200.

File a Claim

Claims for damages against the City must be filed with the City Clerk within the applicable statute of limitations. A claim form can be obtained by calling (206) 684-8213. You can also obtain a Claim For Damages form by downloading it from the Risk Management section of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services web site.

How do I file a claim for damages against the City?

City Attorney

Ann Davison, City Attorney
Address: 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2050 , Seattle , WA , 98104-7095
Mailing Address: 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2050 , Seattle , WA , 98104-7095
Phone: (206) 684-8200
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The City Attorney heads the Law Department and is responsible for supervising all City litigation. In addition, the City Attorney supervises a staff of Assistant City Attorneys who provide legal advice and assistance to the City's management and prosecute violations of City ordinances.