Criminal Division

The scope of the Criminal Division extends beyond the traditional role of prosecuting misdemeanor crime. The work encompasses a broad range of activities designed to reduce or prevent crime, solve problems, and empower neighborhoods.

The Criminal Division works to:

  • Ensure respect for and compliance with criminal municipal ordinances by holding offenders accountable through fair and effective prosecution and enforcement.

  • Advocate on behalf of crime victims to ensure the preservation of their rights to personal safety, restitution, and participation in the criminal justice process.

  • Prevent crime and improve the quality of life in Seattle's neighborhoods by working proactively with residents, business owners, police, and other agencies to identify and resolve community problems.

  • Educate and advise the public and City departments on criminal justice issues and trends, and develop policies relating to the management of the criminal justice system, including jail administration, sentencing guidelines, diversion programs, and municipal court procedures.

The Criminal Division is comprised of several units:

  • The Domestic Violence Unit prosecutes and negotiates domestic violence and child abuse matters with the assistance of victim advocates.

  • Review and Filing Unit prosecutors make all filing decisions within the office.

  • The Trial Team Unit handles all non-domestic violence negotiations, trials, motions, review and restitution hearing.

  • Specialty Court Unit prosecutors represent the City in the Mental Health CourtVeterans Treatment Court, and administer the Young Adult Pre-Filing Diversion Program in partnership with Choose 180.

  • The Prosecution Support Team assists prosecutors during all stages of prosecution by managing discovery and assisting with trial preparation and victim/witness contact.

  • The Case Preparation Unit prepares files along with pleadings and provides prosecutors with information for various court hearings.

The Criminal Division guides and supports crime victims or witnesses through the criminal justice process. Prosecutor support staff (including paralegals, assistant paralegals, paralegal interns, and volunteers) contact victims and witnesses about a given incident. In the matter of a crime involving domestic violence, a victim's advocate is assigned to support and work with the victim.

Anyone contacting a victim or witness is obligated to clearly identify which agency they represent.

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The City Attorney heads the Law Department and is responsible for supervising all City litigation. In addition, the City Attorney supervises a staff of Assistant City Attorneys who provide legal advice and assistance to the City's management and prosecute violations of City ordinances.