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Freight Master Plan
Addressing the unique characteristics, needs, and impacts of freight mobility. The City of Seattle developed a Freight Master Plan (FMP) to ...
0.3775265 | 2020-02-22T02:07:12.9209037-08:00
Seattle Freight Advisory Board
The board advises the Mayor, the City Council, and all departments and offices of the city in the development of a functional and efficient ...
0.2575294 | 2020-02-22T02:07:47.4299037-08:00
Pedestrian Master Plan
Pedestrian Master Plan The Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan (PMP) is a 20-year blueprint to achieve our vision of Seattle as the most walkable ...
0.1199045 | 2020-02-22T02:08:56.3809037-08:00
Seattle Bicycle Master Plan
Seattle Bicycle Master Plan Seattle Department of Transportation The vision of the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) is to create a bicycle ...
0.1186102 | 2020-02-22T02:05:38.9009037-08:00
Shoreline Master Program Code Update - Accomplishments
The Department of Ecology approved the City’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP) on June 1, 2015, and the new SMP took effect on June 15, 2015. ...
0.1029861 | 2020-02-22T02:05:19.7509037-08:00
Bicycle Master Plan
A plan to create a citywide network that encourages more people to bike What’s happening now? On June 13, the Bicycle Master Plan ...
0.100583 | 2020-02-22T02:08:38.7999037-08:00
Master Use Permit (MUP) Revisions
Master Use Permit (MUP) Revisions What Is It? A revision to a land use / master use permit  (MUP) allows you to submit minor plan changes ...
0.09323628 | 2020-02-22T02:06:49.2409037-08:00
Modal Plans
Our 20-year plans for walking, biking, transit, and freight. The growth of our city drives most of the work we do as a transportation ...
0.09020261 | 2020-02-22T02:08:49.3799037-08:00
Transit Master Plan
A comprehensive and 20-year look ahead to the type of transit system that will be required to meet Seattle's transit needs through 2030. On ...
0.08988775 | 2020-02-22T02:04:38.2489037-08:00
Land Use / Master Use Permit - Overview of MUP
A master use permit (MUP) is a land use application. MUP and land use application are terms used to describe a review process that typically ...
0.08757463 | 2020-02-22T02:08:27.3529037-08:00
Freight Program
Freight programs offered by the Seattle Department of Transportation Every day, products and goods move into, out of, and around Seattle. ...
0.08733405 | 2020-02-22T02:07:05.2309037-08:00
Land Use / Master Use Permit - Shoreline
Properties within 200 feet of the shoreline are regulated by the Seattle Shoreline Master Program (SMP) in addition to our zoning ...
0.07830502 | 2020-02-22T02:07:22.2849037-08:00
East Marginal Way Corridor Improvement Project
East Marginal Way is a major freight corridor and a designated Heavy Haul Route, critical last-mile connector and vital route for over-sized ...
0.0769977 | 2020-02-22T02:05:21.6849037-08:00
Shoreline Master Program Code Update - Documents
The Department of Ecology approved the City’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP) on June 1, 2015, and the new SMP took effect on June 15, 2015. ...
0.07243145 | 2020-02-22T02:05:56.3909037-08:00
Information and options for freight in Seattle. Moving goods in, out of, and around Seattle is key to our regional economy and our everyday ...
0.06643628 | 2020-02-22T02:06:12.2729037-08:00
Planning, Land Use & Zoning
To provide policy direction and oversight and to deliberate and make recommendations on legislative matters relating to: planning and land ...
0.06457283 | 2020-02-22T02:05:26.5049037-08:00
Transportation Planning
Shaping the Seattle of Tomorrow Our city and neighborhoods are made up of people who care about getting safely and efficiently to the places ...
0.05886537 | 2020-02-22T02:08:50.3739037-08:00
Land Use / Master Use Permit - Environmentally Critical Areas ...
Environmentally critical areas (ECAs) include wetlands, flood-prone areas, abandoned landfills, fish and wildlife habitat conservation ...
0.05819812 | 2020-02-22T02:06:47.0809037-08:00
People, Dogs and Parks Strategic Plan
The purpose of the Off-Leash Areas Strategic plan is to identify a long term plan for the City’s existing 14 Off-Leash Areas, as well as for ...
0.0578022 | 2020-02-22T02:05:10.8089037-08:00
Land Use / Master Use Permit - Conditional Use
Each Seattle zoning designation specifies allowed uses. Some uses are permitted outright while others are subject to additional criteria and ...
0.05605503 | 2020-02-22T02:06:32.8389037-08:00
Land Use / Master Use Permit - Land Use Variance
A land use variance allows us to grant relief from certain code requirements. What Is It? A variance allows us to grant relief from ...
0.05516578 | 2020-02-22T02:07:46.3799037-08:00
Seattle Planning Commission
The Seattle Planning Commission works to enhance the quality of life in Seattle. We advise the Mayor, City Council and City departments on ...
0.05495473 | 2020-02-22T02:04:44.6159037-08:00
Solid Waste Management Plan
Solid Waste Management Plan The Solid Waste Management Plan updates the City of Seattle’s programs and services to prevent waste, increase ...
0.05451164 | 2020-02-22T02:04:42.9129037-08:00
Planning and Policy Document Library
This page contains some of our most requested policies and planning documents. Please contact us if you have questions or need specific ...
0.05440211 | 2020-02-22T02:05:11.2729037-08:00
Land Use / Master Use Permit - State Environmental Policy Act ...
The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) is legislation that allows local governments to identify and mitigate possible environmental ...
0.05411095 | 2020-02-22T02:06:05.3079037-08:00