Animal Control

If you have a life-threatening situation involving both humans and animals, please call the Seattle Police Department at 911.

CALL 206-386-PETS (7387)

The Seattle Animal Shelter is responsible for enforcing the laws and codes involving animals within the city of Seattle. When calling to report an incident, please have as much information as possible including description of animal and owner, address of owner, and/or license plate of owner. 

Our Humane Animal Law Enforcement Officers work seven days a week to ensure human and animal safety within our city. Please call us at 206-386-7387 to speak with a staff member.

Our officers respond to calls and complaints regarding:

Animal Control

Laws and ordinances enforced by the Seattle Animal Shelter may be found in the Seattle Municipal Codes section.

If you or your pet have been victims of aggressive behavior displayed by another animal, call us immediately at (206) 386-7387.  If you have a life-threatening situation involving both humans and animals, call 911. 

Reports of dangerous or menacing animals will be investigated by our officers.  Statements from the victim, owner and any witnesses will be taken.  Proof of rabies vaccination may be required.  The animal may be quarantined and/or impounded. Citations and/or criminal charges may result.

Injured or dead animals can be picked up by our staff.   Dead wildlife under 15 pounds can be double-bagged and placed in your garbage can. 

Animal cruelty includes abandonment of a pet, physical abuse, failure to provide food, water, shelter or veterinary care, fighting of animals, putting animals in a situation that causes distress (i.e. a hot car) or keeping an animal in unsanitary conditions.  If you are concerned for the welfare of an animal, contact us immediately at (206) 386-7387. 

Officers will investigate the situation.  Depending on the nature of the case, officers may impound the animal or give the owner a time period to come into compliance.  Citations and/or criminal charges may result.

Animals roaming off their property or animals that are abandoned can be picked up by our staff.  The leash law does not apply to cats and pigeons, so we cannot respond to calls of roaming cats.  If possible, please bring a stray or abandoned pet to the Seattle Animal Shelter.  View our hours and location

Animal waste must be removed immediately from public property or property not owned by the pet owner.  Additionally, pet waste must be scooped every 24 hours from the pet owner's property. 
If you observe a pet owner not scooping their pet's waste and have the address or license plate information of the pet owner, our officers will investigate.  If you do not have the information about the pet owner, you can pick up a "Scoop It" sign from the Seattle Animal Shelter or print a "Scoop It" sign yourself.

Visit Seattle Public Utilities' Pet Waste pollution page.

All pets, except cats and pigeons, are required to be on-leash when off their property. Learn How We Respond.

Cats, dogs and other pets that cause property damage to public or private property can be reported to the shelter.  Learn How We Respond.

Before surrendering your pet, please read our Surrender Your Pet section.  If you live within the city limits of Seattle, and you are unable to bring your pet to the shelter to be surrendered, our staff can pick up that pet.  A fee will apply.

All dogs, cats, miniature goats and pot-bellied pigs are required to have a Seattle pet license.  Find out more on our Licensing page.

Animals that make unreasonable noise can be reported to the shelter.  Unreasonable noise includes loud and raucous, and frequent, repetitive, or continuous sounds made by any animal.  Learn How We Respond.