Member Self-Service Portal

Link to MSS Portal Login Page                          Link to registration page for MSS Portal

Beware of scammers!  SCERS will not call, email, text, or write to ask for your personal information, username, password, or login code.

The Member Self-Service (MSS) portal allows members to securely access retirement and pension information.  Choosing to use the MSS Portal is completely optional.  The portal does not replace members' current ways of communicating with SCERS.  Please email us at if you have any questions about the Member Self-Service Portal.

With MSS, members can:

  • View your account information, contributions, or pension benefit at any time.
  • Send a secure message to SCERS staff and attach forms and documents.
  • Active members can use a benefit estimate tool to create unofficial estimates.
  • Retired members can use a deduction estimate tool to estimate their deductions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)