Toolkit for Gardeners

Everything you need to know to start gardening in your new P-Patch Garden plot.
Links and resources for gardening your P-Patch plot.
P-Patches community gardens have a long tradition of growing healthy, organic food to share with others.
Links and resources for running your P-Patch Community Garden.
Watch the following groups for opportunities while you wait for a P-Patch garden plot.
Why not take an unused space in your neighborhood and use it to build community, provide recreation and celebrate natural cycles, increase public open space, reduce stress and crime, educate children, and grow carrots and beets and corn and tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, radishes, potatoes, zinnias, sunflowers, petunias and daisies, roses and pumpkins and zucchini like crazy?
P-Patch community gardens actively offer opportunities for youth to discover food, nature, gardening, and community building. They can be used as tools to promote safe gardening practices, healthy lifestyle choices, connection to the natural world, and community building tools to future generations. Our gardens offer a great opportunity to incorporate youth into the fabric of the community and foster their growth as active and involved citizens.