How to Sign Up

Step 1: Learn About the Interest List

Since all P-Patches have a wait time, you will want to become familiar with How the P-Patch Interest List Works. Please note that P-Patches are available to Seattle residents only (limited exceptions may apply).

Step 2: Identify Your Preferred Gardens

You are allowed to be on two garden interest lists at a time. We encourage you to choose P-Patches close to where you live in order to enhance community building opportunities and allow you to visit the garden often.

To find P-Patch gardens near you, visit the P-Patch Map. You can visit the P-Patch List to learn more about specific gardens.  

Step 3: Sign Up!

Either complete the web form to sign up for your chosen gardens' interest lists or call 206-684-0264, press 1, and provide your name, address, zip code, phone, email, and top two garden choices in order of preference.

Step 4: Wait for an opening

Plot openings typically occur between January and June. When a plot is available, you will be contacted by a member of the P-Patch team. However, it is possible that you may be contacted in the middle of summer or fall when a plot becomes available. We encourage you to take a plot when it is offered, but you can ask to stay on the list for the next opening. We will contact you annually to confirm your interest. To remain on the interest list, you must confirm your continued interest and, if necessary, update your information by the deadline. If you don't respond, you will be removed from the P-Patch interest list. You have one year after removal to request reinstatement at your original interest date. After this grace period, you will be added to the interest list at the current date 

Please keep us informed if your situation changes throughout the year.

Step 5: Get involved with other community gardening activities while you wait!

Many people want to get their hands in the soil quickly. Here are a few opportunities for you while you wait.