How to Sign Up

Step 1: Read How the P-Patch interest list works

All P-Patches have a wait time.  Seattle residents only (limited exceptions may apply).

Step 2: Pick a garden from the P-Patch Map or P-Patch list 

You are allowed to be on two garden interest lists at a time. We encourage gardeners to pick P-Patches close to where they live which will enhance community building opportunities and allow you to visit the garden often.

Step 3: Sign Up

Enter your top two garden choices in order of interest. You may also sign up for the interest list/s by calling 206-684-0264, press 1, and provide your name, address, zip code, phone, email, and top two garden choices in order of preference.

Step 4: Wait to be contacted about an opening

You will be contacted when a plot opens which generally occurs between January and June.  Garden plot sizes vary from garden to garden, typically they range between 40-1600 square feet.  The P-Patch Program plot sizing guidelines set criteria for plot sizes for each P-Patch and are based on overall garden size and existing demand.  We often end up with openings in the middle of summer and fall so it is possible that we might contact you during these times. We encourage you to take a plot when one is available, but you can ask to stay on the list for the next opening.

As you know, it may take time to get a plot, so make sure to confirm your interest annually. In October, we send out an "Interest list verification letter." This letter will ask you to confirm if you want to stay on the interest list. If we don't hear back from you by October 31, your name will be removed. If you are removed, you have one year from the date of the "interest list verification letter" to be reinstated.  Please keep us informed as to any changes throughout the year.

Step 5: Get involved with other community gardening activities while you wait

Many people want to get their hands in the soil quickly. Here are a few opportunities for you while you wait.