Public Comment

Written Public Comment to the South Seattle College Standing Advisory Committee

While the Governor's Order on physical distancing measures are in place, the South Seattle College Standing Advisory Committee will be conducting its meetings remotely using WebEx. You may submit written public comment at any time. We encourage you to submit written comment well in advance of the meeting to give the Committee sufficient time to review them. If you would like to ensure that your written public comment is forwarded to the Committee prior to the applicable Committee meeting, please submit your comment to no later than 3:30 pm the day prior to the meeting. The Committee meeting agendas can be found on the South Seattle College Standing Advisory Committee webpage.

Verbal Comments During South Seattle College Standing Advisory Committee Meetings

While the Governor's Order on physical distancing measures are in place, the South Seattle College Standing Advisory Committee is conducting its meetings remotely using WebEx with a call-in number option. You can either follow the WebEx meeting link or call in to provide public comment by:

  • Signing up using the form below. The form will be available 2 hours before the start of applicable Board meetings. Registration will close once the meeting has begun.  
  • Please register with your email address and/or the phone number you will be calling from to ensure you are recognized.
  • The Board meeting agenda includes the link to the WebEx meeting, as well as call-in information and other details. View the Board meeting agendas.
  • When joining the Board meeting, each attendee will be muted by default.
  • During remote Board meetings, verbal public comment will occur at the beginning of the meeting agenda. Speakers will be asked to provide comment in the order of registration. The Chair or Board staff will call on each speaker by name, at which point they will be unmuted for up to two minutes to give public comment. You will be muted again when the two minutes are up.
  • While giving public comment:
    • Mute the other devices you're using to watch the Board meeting to avoid audio feedback.
    • State your name for the record.
    • Using speaking points can be helpful.

Verbal Comment Sign-Up Form

(This form will only be available in the 2 hours prior to the start of an applicable board meeting.)