Major Institutions & Schools

What are the Major Institutions and Schools programs?

Seattle's major institutions - our hospitals, universities, and colleges - and our public K-12 schools are important parts of the city and region. Since our major institutions and schools are in thriving neighborhoods, they require special development plans to ensure equitable growth and the well-being of the surrounding communities. To achieve this, community members like you collaborate with representatives from these institutions and the City to craft mutually beneficial plans for development. 

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Hey Neighbor! series introduces you to the people behind the scenes working to build, strengthen, and engage the communities of Seattle. Meet Nelson Pesigan Nelson has been working within our Major [...]
The City of Seattle is seeking community members to help develop the new Master Plan for Seattle Central College (SCC) to guide the school’s future development. Volunteers would serve on a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) which is made up of [...]