City Officials


City Councilmembers

Corporation Counsel/City Attorney

Department Directors

Lighting Department/City Light

The citizens of Seattle approved a bond issue on March 4, 1902, for development of a lighting plant on the Cedar River. It was completed in 1904 and operated by Seattle Electric Company until January 1905, when it was taken over and operated by the Department of Lighting and Waterworks under the direction of Superintendent Luther B. Young. The Lighting Department was created by a Charter Amendment adopted April 1, 1910.

4/1910-3/1911 R.M. Arms Removed by Mayor Dilling
3/1911-3/1931 James D. Ross Removed by Mayor Edwards
3/1931-5/1931 Board of Public Works The Board of Public Works administered the Lighting Department until a successor to Ross could be appointed.
5/1931-7/1931 W. Chester Morse Appointed by Mayor Edwards and confirmed by Council after it had refused to confirm Armand F. Marion, Morse, Edward A. Duffy, Stirling B. Hill and Burton Pierce.
7/1931-3/1939 James D. Ross Died March 14, 1939
3/1939-5/1939 W.C. McKeen Appointed as acting Superintendent after the death of Ross. Served until the appointment of a permanent Superintendent.
5/1939-12/1953 Eugene R. Hoffman Resigned December 31, 1953
1/1954-4/1963 Paul J. Raver Died April 6, 1963
4/1963-6/1972 John M. Nelson  
6/1972-1/1979 Gordon Vickery  
1/1979-8/1980 Robert H. Murray  
8/1980-3/1981 Joe Miller Acting Superintendent
3/1981-8/1984 Joseph P. Recchi  
8/1984-9/1992 Randall W. Hardy  
9/1992-12/1994 Roberta Palm Bradley  
12/1994-6/2003 Gary E. Zarker  
2/2004-5/2015 Jorge Carrasco  
5/2015-1/2016 Jim Baggs Acting Superintendent
2/2016-11/2017 Larry Weis  
11/2017-10/2018 Jim Baggs Acting Superintendent
10/2018-7/2023 Debra Smith  
7/2023-2/2024 Mike Haynes Interim General Manager/CEO
2/2024- Dawn Lindell

Fire Chief

The 1869 City Charter granted the Common Council the authority to appoint or elect officers "to provide for the prevention and extinguishment of fires." A City Charter Amendment in 1875 broadened authority to establish building regulations, organize a Fire Department, purchase fire apparatus, ensure a water supply for fire fighting purposes, and levy taxes to pay for fire protection.

Ordinance 129, passed in 1876, established the position of Fire Warden, whose responsibility was management of the City's fire protection function. Prior to 1889, the City was served by a number of volunteer fire companies. Following the Great Fire of 1889, which destroyed most of Seattle's commercial district, the City created a fully professional Fire Department under the direction of a Fire Chief.

1889-1892 Gardner Kellogg  
1892-9/1894 A. B. Hunt  
9/1894-12/1894 Alex J. Allen  
12/1894-7/1895 William H. Clark  
7/1895-8/1895 Ralph Cook  
8/1895-2/1901 Gardner Kellogg  
2/1901-12/1906 Ralph Cook  
12/1906-3/1910 Harry W. Bringhurst  
3/1910-5/1911 John H. Boyle  
5/1911-6/1911 William H. Clark Acting Chief
6/1911-10/1920 Frank L. Stetson  
10/1920-2/1931 George M. Mantor  
3/1931-6/1932 Robert L. Laing  
6/1932-4/1938 Claude W. Corning  
5/1938-10/1963 William Fitzgerald  
10/1963-7/1972 Gordon F. Vickery  
7/1972-8/1972 Frank R. Hanson Acting Chief until Richards confirmation
8/1972-12/1974 Jack N. Richards Removed from office by Mayor Wes Uhlman
12/1974-1/1975 Glenn Shelton Acting Chief
1/1975-12/1979 Frank R. Hanson Hanson was appointed interim Chief, then Acting Chief, and finally appointed Chief
1/1980-1984 Robert Swartout  
1984-6/1985 T. E. Gideon Acting Chief
6/1985-5/1997 Claude Harris First African-American Fire Chief
5/1997-6/2001 James E. Sewell  
6/2001-1/2004 Gary P. Morris  
2/2004-4/2015 Gregory Dean Dean served as interim chief until his permanent appointment in June 2004
4/2015-present Harold Scoggins  

Director, Office of Housing

In 1999, the Office of Housing was established independent of the Department of Housing and Human Services, which was reorganized as the Human Services Department.

1999-2002 Cynthia Parker
2003-2005 Katie Hong
2005-2009 Adrienne Quinn
2010 Bill Rumpf (acting)
2010-2013 Rick Hooper
2014-2019 Steve Walker
2019-2021 Emily Alvarado
2021-2022 Robin Koskey (acting)
2022- Maiko Winkler-Chin

Director, Human Services Department

The Department of Human Resources was created in 1973, superceding the Office of Human Resources that had been part of the Executive Department since 1971. In 1991, the name of the agency was changed to Department of Human Services. A year later, it became the Department of Housing and Human Services. In 1999, the housing function was removed and the agency name was changed to Human Services Department.

1973-1974 Edward S. Singler
1974-1977 Curtis M. Green
1978-1980 Donald T. Dudley
1981-1984 Theresa Aragon Valdez
1985-1990 David R. Okimoto
1990-1991 Jerry Agen (acting)
1991-1992 Pamela S. Hyde
1992-1993 Joe Valentine (acting)
1994-2003 Venerria L. Knox
2003-2008 Patricia McInturff
2008-2009 Alan Painter
2010 Kip Tokuda (acting)
2010-2013 Dannette R. Smith
2013-2018 Catherine Lester
2018-2020 Jason Johnson (acting)
2020-2021 Helen Howell (acting)
2021- Tanya Kim

Director, Office of Intergovernmental Relations

The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (IGA) was established in the Executive Department in 1971 to act as the City's liaison with other cities and governmental agencies. In 1973, the IGA was moved to the Office of Executive Policy, and in 1975 was incorporated into the Office of Policy Planning. The Office of Intergovernmental Relations (OIR) became an independent agency in 1979, and absorbed the former Office of International Affairs in 1992.

1979-1991 William Stafford
1991-1995 Tom Tierney
1995 Linda Cannon (acting)
1995-1997 David Bley
1997 Linda Cannon (acting)
1998-2001 Clifford Traisman
2002-2007 Susan Crowley
2008-2009 Emelie East
2010-2013 Marco Lowe
2014-2016 Nick Harper (acting)
2016-2017 Chris Gregorich
2018-2022 Lily Wilson-Codega
2022-2024 Gael Tarleton
2024- Mina Hashemi (acting)

Superintendent of Parks and Recreation

The 1890 City Charter placed the management of the City parks in the hands of a Park Commission and invested the Commission with the authority to appoint a Superintendent of Parks.

1892 James Taylor
1893-1895 E.O. Schwagerl

The 1896 City Charter replaced the Park Commission with a Park Committee that reported directly to the City Council. Management of the parks was vested in the City Council; the position of Superintendent of Parks was abolished; and the day-to-day administration of parks business was assumed by the Superintendent of Streets, Sewers, and Parks.

1896-1902 F.N. Little
1902-1904 A.L. Walters

An amendment to the City Charter in 1904 established the Board of Park Commissioners which was given authority to hire all such employees, including superintendents, it deemed necessary to maintain the park system. The following men led the daily operations of the parks staff under varying job titles including Superintendent, Landscape Architect, and Parks Engineer.

1904 William Pearse
1904-1920 J.W. Thompson
1921 Jacob Umlauff
1921-1922 R.E. Chapman
1922-1924 Jesse A. Jackson
1922-1926 Fred P. Matthys
1924-1926 A.P. Romine
1926-1927 L.G. Hall
1927-1934 Eugene R. Hoffman
1934-1948 W.C. Hall
1948-1960 Paul V. Brown
1960-1968 E.J. Johnson

A 1967 City Charter amendment established the Department of Parks and Recreation, reduced the Board of Park Commissioners to an advisory body, and placed the management of the department with the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. The Superintendent was appointed by the mayor for a four-year term.

1969-1973 Hans Thompson
1973-1977 David L. Towne

A City Charter amendment in 1977 abolished the four-year term restriction for the Superintendent.

1977-1988 Walter Hundley  
1988-1996 Holly Miller  
1996-2007 Ken Bounds  
2007 Betty Jean Brooks Brooks was Interim Superintendent from February to November
2007-2010 Timothy Gallagher  
2010-2015 Christopher Williams Acting Superintendent
2015-2017 Jesús Aguirre  
2017-2019 Christopher Williams Acting Superintendent
2019-2021 Jesús Aguirre
2021-2022 Christopher Williams Acting Superintendent
2022- AP Diaz

Chief of Police

The 1869 City Charter established the Marshall as the City's peace officer. The Marshall was elected by the voters for a one year term.

1869 John T. Jordan  
1870-1872 L. V. Wyckoff  
1873 F. A. Minick  
1874 D. H. Webster  
1875 L. V. Wyckoff Also served as Assessor.
1876 R. H. Turnbull  
1877 E. A. Thorndyke  
1878 F. A. Minick  
1879 E. A. Thorndyke  
1880-1881 J. H. McGraw Also served as Fire Warden. Resigned in 1881 when elected King County Sheriff.
1882-1883 J. H. Woolery  

An 1883 City Charter Amendment abolished the position of Marshall and created the new position of Chief of Police. The Chief was elected by the voters of the City for a one-year term.

1884-1886 J. H. Woolery Woolery was dismissed by the Mayor on June 15, 1885, but was reelected on July 27.
1886-1887 William M. Murphy  
1888-1889 J. C. Mitchell Mitchell was removed from office on April 12, 1889.
1889 O. D. Butterfield  
1890 George C. Monroe  

The Freeholders City Charter of 1890 created a five-member Board of Police Commissioners to oversee the operations of the Police Department. The Commission, chaired by the Mayor, had authority to appoint the Chief of Police.

1891-1892 Bolton Rogers  
1893 Andrew Jackson Resigned during the year.
1893-1894 D. F. Willard  
1895-1896 Bolton Rogers  

The Freeholders City Charter of 1896 abolished the Board of Police Commissioners and gave the Mayor the authority to appoint and remove the Police Chief.

1897-1900 C. S. Reed  
1901 William Meredith  
1901-1903 John Sullivan  
1904-1905 Thomas R. Delaney  
1906-1907 Charles W. Wappenstein  
1908-1909 Irving Ward  
1910 Charles W. Wappenstein  
1911-1913 C. G. Bannick  
1914 Austin E. Griffiths  
1915-1916 Louis E. Lang  
1916-1917 C. F. Beckingham  
1918-1919 J. F. Warren  
1920-6/1922 W. H. Searing  
6/1922-6/1926 W. B. Severyns On June 23, 1924, acting Mayor Bertha Landes took control of the Police Department and removed Severyns and named Captain Bannick as acting chief. When Mayor Edwin Brown returned to town seven days later, he immediately reinstated Severyns.
6/1926-6/1928 W. H. Searing  
6/1928-7/1931 Louis J. Forbes  
7/1931-5/1932 William B. Kent Kent was appointed by Mayor Harlin when the latter took office following Mayor Edwards' recall. Kent retired less than a year later.
5/1932-6/1932 G. H. Comstock Comstock was appointed acting Police Chief by Mayor Harlin.
6/1932-6/1934 L. L. Norton  
6/1934-7/1934 George F. Howard Howard resigned following a disagreement with Mayor Smith over the handling of the longshoremen's strike.
7/1934-12/1934 George H. Comstock Comstock was dismissed by Mayor Smith after he resisted the Mayor's attempt to force retirement of older officers.
12/1934-1/1935 Mayor Charles Smith The Mayor assumed control of the Police Department with Walter B. Kirtley serving as inspector.
1/1935-4/1936 Walter B. Kirtley Kirtley was acting chief from January 17 to February 20. He was subsequently appointed Chief.

A City Charter Amendment in 1936 provided for the Chief of Police to be appointed for a five year term of office.

4/1936-5/1941 William H. Sears  
5/1941-6/1941 William H. Sears Reappointed for a five-year term, but failed to be confirmed by Council on a 4-5 vote, June 12, 1941.
6/1941 Walter B. Kirtley Mayor Millikin appointed Kirtley. When Millikin left town, acting Mayor Levine withdrew the appointment before confirmation and appointed Harlan Callahan.
7/1941 Harlan S. Callahan Millikin, upon return to the City, withdrew Callahan's name and appointed Kinsey who was confirmed unanimously.
7/1941-4/1946 Herbert D. Kimsey  

A new Freeholders City Charter was adopted March 12, 1946. Under its provisions, the term of the Chief of Police was not specified.

8/1946-4/1952 George D. Eastman  
4/1952-9/1952 Frank Ramon Served as acting police chief. Ramon resigned Sept. 25, 1952.
9/1952-1/1953 H. James Lawrence Lawrence was appointed acting chief, serving until he was appointed and confirmed as chief.
2/1953-1/1961 H. James Lawrence  
1/1961-11/1969 Frank Ramon Retired in Nov. 1969.
11/1969-7/1970 W. F. Moore Moore was acting chief until Gain was appointed acting chief.
7/1970-8/1970 C. R. Gain  
8/1970-9/1970 Edward Toothman Toothman was appointed interim chief until a permanent appointment was made.
9/1970-3/1974 George Tielsch Resigned March 15, 1974.
3/1974-3/1978 Robert Hanson Served as interim chief until his permanent appointment. Hanson resigned March 29, 1978.
3/1978-2/1979 H. A. Vanden Wyer  
2/1979-2/1994 Patrick Fitzsimons  
2/1994-2/2000 Norman Stamper  
2/2000-7/2000 Herb Johnson Served as acting chief.
7/2000-3/2009 Gil Kerlikowske Left to become the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
5/2009-4/2013 John Diaz Served as interim chief until his permanent appointment in August 2010.
4/2013-1/2014 Jim Pugel Served as acting chief.
1/2014-6/2014 Harry Bailey Served as acting chief.
6/2014-12/2017 Kathleen O'Toole
1/2018-9/2020 Carmen Best Served as interim chief until her permanent appointment in August 2018.
9/2020-5/2024 Adrian Diaz Served as interim chief until his permanent appointment in September 2023.
5/2024- Sue Rahr Served as acting chief.

This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Due to the high incidence of firings and resignations, it is possible that some dates are imprecise.

Director, Seattle Center

The Seattle Center Department was created in 1965 to administer, manage and control the facilities on the site of the 1962 World's Fair. The facilities at the Seattle Center date back to 1927 with completion of the construction of the Civic Auditorium, Civic Arena, Veterans Hall, and the Civic Playfield. The property expanded to 74 acres in 1962 to accommodate the World's Fair. The Center's purpose is to be an active civic center providing facilities and programs supporting the arts, education, sports and entertainment. It is home for the Seattle Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet, three resident theaters, and the Seattle Storm professional basketball team. In addition, there are five facilities on the grounds that are not owned by the City: the Space Needle, Memorial Stadium, the Pacific Science Center, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and the Experience Music Project.

1965-1970 Don Johnson
1970-1982 Jack Fearey
1982-1988 Evan Dingwall
1988 C. David Hughbanks (acting)
1988-2006 Virginia Anderson
2006-2023 Robert Nellams
2023- Marshall Foster

Director, Seattle Public Utilities

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) was created in 1997 when the water, solid waste, drainage, and wastewater utilities from the Engineering and Water departments were merged with the Engineering Services Division of the Engineering Department and the Customer Service Call Center and Construction Engineering Sections of City Light.

1997-2002 Diana Gale
2002-2009 Charles C. Clarke
2010-2016 Ray Hoffman
2016-2021 Mami Hara
2021- Andrew Lee

Director, Department of Transportation

The Seattle Transportation Department was created in 1997 when the traffic and transportation functions of the Engineering Department were consolidated. By June 2002, Transportation and the Strategic Planning Office consolidated to form a newly organized department which absorbed responsibilities for maintenance and operation of streets, bridges, retaining walls and seawalls, and traffic control systems in the City. An ordinance passed in 2004 changed the department's name to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).

1997-2002 Daryl Grigsby
2002-2009 Grace Crunican
2010-2013 Peter Hahn
2014 Goran Sparrman (acting)
2014-2017 Scott Kubly
2017-2018 Goran Sparrman (acting)
2018-2019 Linea Laird (acting)
2019-2021 Sam Zimbabwe
2022 Kristen Simpson (acting)
2022- Greg Spotts

Discontinued Departments/Elected Officials

The following lists include elected official positions that were abolished by Charter Amendment and departments that were reorganized and whose functions were moved to new or different agencies. For example, the City Clerk was an elected official for nearly 27 years until a new Charter in 1896 designated the Comptroller as City Clerk. (Today, the City Clerk is an appointed official in the Legislative Department.) The Engineering Department and Water Department were reorganized in 1996 with their functions moved to the newly created Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Department of Transportation.

Discontinued Departments/Elected Officials

City Clerk, Elected (1869-1896)

Clerks of the Common Council

The City Charter of 1869 established that the Common Council elect a Clerk who would keep a "fair and correct journal of its proceedings, and to file and keep all papers and books connected with the business of the council." The Clerk also had responsibility for maintaining the books of accounts for the town.

1869-1872 George McConaha
1873 E. H. Brown
1874 William R. Andrews
1875 Henry E. Hathaway

City Clerks

An 1875 City Charter amendment changed the title of the Clerk of the Common Council to City Clerk; the duties and method of election remained the same.

1876 W. A. Inman
1877-1878 D.T. Wheeler
1878-1884 Eben S. Osborne
1885-1888 W.R. Forrest
1889-1890 Chauncey W. Ferris

The new City Charter of 1890 created the Clerical Department and provided for the election of the City Clerk by a vote of the people for a term of two years. The financial functions were removed from the Clerk and placed in the newly created Finance Department, under the jurisdiction of the Comptroller.

1890-1892 Henry W. Miller
1892-1894 George J. Stoneman
1894-1896 R.F. Stewart

The new City Charter of 1896 established the Comptroller as the ex-officio City Clerk with the authority to appoint deputy clerks to carry out the clerical functions.

City Comptroller

The Office of the City Comptroller was established by the 1890 City Charter. The Comptroller was responsible for the general supervision of the City's financial affairs including maintenance of the municipal accounting system. The new Freeholders City Charter of 1896 transferred all of the Clerical Department responsibilities to the City Comptroller and made the Comptroller the ex-officio City Clerk. A City Charter Amendment passed by the voters in 1991 abolished the elective offices of Comptroller and Treasurer and combined the duties in a Department of Finance

1890-1892 Chauncey W. Ferris  
1892-1894 J.M. Carson  
1894-1900 Will H. Parry Parry became the first Comptroller to also serve as City Clerk following adoption of the 1896 City Charter.
1900-1902 Frank H. Paul  
1902-1906 John Riplinger  
1906-1910 Harry W. Carroll  
1910-1912 William Bothwell  
1912-1938 Harry W. Carroll Carroll died in June 1938.
1938-1958 W.C. Thomas Thomas was appointed to fill Carroll's position and was elected in the subsequent election.
1958-1975 Carl G. Erlandson  
1976-1979 Edward L. Kidd  
1980-1985 Tim Hill Hill resigned to become King County Executive.
1986-1992 Norward J. Brooks Brooks resigned prior to the dissolution of the Office of the Comptroller.

City Engineer

The position of City Engineer is first mentioned in the City Charter in 1873. The Engineer was elected by the Common Council. Two years later, the designation "Engineer" was replaced by the office of the Surveyor, also elected by the Common Council. The title was dropped from the City Charter by amendment in 1877, only to be reinstated by another amendment in 1883.

1873-1875 W. B. Hall Surveyor
8/1875-7/1876 R. L. Thorne  
7/1876-7/1878 Phillip G. Eastwick Eastwick is credited with establishing the earliest datum point in Seattle.
7/1878-8/1879 M. J. Costello  
8/1879-7/1882 F. H. Whitworth  
7/1882-8/1883 Joseph M. Snow  
8/1883-8/1886 Reginald H. Thomson  
8/1886-7/1888 Albro Gardner  
7/1888-8/1890 John G. Scurry  
8/1890-11/1890 M. Stixrud Also served as Fire Warden. Resigned in 1881 when elected King County Sheriff.

The Freeholders City Charter of 1890 provided for a City Engineer to be appointed by the Board of Public Works and to serve at the pleasure of the Board.

11/1890-5/1892 Albro Gardner Gardner is considered Seattle's first City Engineer.
5/1892-1896 Reginald H. Thomson The Board of Public Works removed Thomson in Feb. 1894, whereupon Mayor Ronald removed two members of the Board and Thomson was reinstated.

The new Freeholders City Charter of 1896 provided that the City Engineer be appointed by the Mayor to serve a term of three years.

1896-1911 Reginald H. Thomson Thomson retired due to poor health.
11/1911-7/1922 Arthur H. Dimock Dimock was appointed to serve out Thomson's term and was subsequently appointed City Engineer.
7/1922-1/1927 James D. Blackwell  
2/1927-6/1928 W. Chester Morse  
6/1928-7/1930 William D. Barkhuff Barkhuff died while serving as Engineer.
8/1930-7/1931 Reginald H. Thomson Thomson was appointed to serve out Barkhuff's term.
7/1931-7/1932 Daniel W. McMorris  
7/1932-6/1934 Melvin O. Syliaasen  
6/1934-8/1934 Oscar A. Piper Acting City Engineer.
8/1934-6/1936 Thomas R. Beeman  
6/1936 Oscar A. Piper Acting City Engineer.
6/1936-3/1938 Nathaniel A. Carle  
5/1938-12/1947 Charles L. Wartelle Wartelle resigned due to ill health.
1/1948-5/1948 C. G. Will Acting City Engineer pending appointment and confirmation of Ralph W. Finke.
5/1948-12/1952 Ralph W. Finke Resigned Nov. 28, 1952.
12/1952-2/1953 R. R. Hubbard Acting City Engineer.
2/1953-2/1957 William F. Parker Was appointed Dec. 24, 1952 but did not take office until Feb. 2, 1953 due to Navy service.
2/1957-4/1971 Roy W. Morse Morse resigned his position as Superintendent of Water to become City Engineer. Roy was the son of Chester Morse.
5/1971-5/1974 Robert J. Gulino  
5/1974-5/1981 Paul A. Wiatrak  
5/1981-3/1986 Eugene Avery  
4/1986-10/1994 Gary Zarker Zarker was appointed interim Director of Engineering and later appointed Director. He was the first non-engineer to serve as director of the department.
11/1994-1997 John Okamoto  

The Engineering Department was abolished in 1997; its functions were divided between Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Transportation.

Civil Service Commissioners

The City Charter of 1896 created the Civil Service system and established the Civil Service Commission and Civil Service Department to administer the system. A reorganization in 1979 abolished the Civil Service Department, replacing it with the Personnel Department, and established the Civil Service Commission as a separate City agency.


John Schram
James M. Colman
Edward L. Blaine

James M. Colman
Edward L. Blaine
John Schram

Edward L. Blaine
John Schram
James M. Colman

John Schram
James M. Colman
P.D. Hughes

James M. Colman
P.D. Hughes
F.F. Randolph

P.D. Hughes
F.F. Randolph
G.F. Zimmerman

F.F. Randolph
G.F. Zimmerman
C.M. Nettleton

G.F. Zimmerman
C.M. Nettleton
F.F. Randolph

C.M. Nettleton
F.F. Randolph
G.F. Zimmerman

F.F. Randolph
G.F Zimmerman
C.M. Nettleton

G.F. Zimmerman
C.M. Nettleton
F.A. McDonald

C.M. Nettleton
F.A. McDonald
George P. Listman

F.A. McDonald
George Listman
C.M. Nettleton (left 5/5/08)
Godfrey Chealander (started 5/5/08)

George P. Listman
Herbert T. Granger
Godfrey Chealander (resigned 12/1/09)

Herbert T. Granger
George P. Listman
G.F. Zimmerman (completed Chealander's unexpired term)

Herbert T. Granger
George P. Listman
R.C. Erskine

George P. Listman
R.C. Erskine
C.S. Baxter

R.C. Erskine
Chauncey L. Baxter
George P. Listman

Chauncey L. Baxter
George P. Listman
R.C. Erskine

George P. Listman
R.C. Erskine
Chauncey L. Baxter

R.C. Erskine
Chauncey L. Baxter
George P. Listman

Chauncey L. Baxter
George P. Listman
James C. Downey

George P. Listman
James C. Downey
Chauncey L. Baxter

Chauncey L. Baxter
J.Y.C. Kellogg
George P. Listman (left 3/18/19)
Ralph McCullough (started 4/18/19)

George P. Listman
Ralph McCullough
J.Y.C. Kellogg

Ralph McCullough
J.Y.C. Kellogg
Bert A. Northrup

J.Y.C. Kellogg
Ralph McCullough
Bert A. Northrup (left 8/14/22)
Frank W. Cotterill (started 8/22/22)

Frank Cotterill
Frank E. Boyle
Donna E. Baker

Frank E. Boyle
Donna E. Baker
T.H. Bolton

Donna E. Baker
T.H. Bolton
Tom S. Patterson

Tom S. Patterson
T.H. Bolton (left 6/30/26)
Donna E. Baker (left 7/10/26)
David Beck (started 7/3/26)
Harriet M. Elias (started 7/19/26)

Tom S. Patterson
David Beck
Harriet M. Elias

Harriet M. Elias
Tom S. Patterson
David Beck (left 7/31/28)
George P. Listman (started 8/1/28)

George P. Listman
Tom S. Patterson (left 6/6/29)
Harriet M. Elias (left 7/31/29)
Edward Clifford (started 6/13/29)
Edith E. Gattis (started 8/7/29)

Edith E. Gattis, Chair
Edward Clifford
George P. Listman

Edith E. Gattis, Chair
George P. Listman
Edward Clifford

Edith E. Gattis, Chair (left 6/7/32)
Edward Clifford (left 6/6/32)
George P. Listman (left 6/23/32)
James J. McGinley (started 6/8/32)
Thomas H. Simpson, Chair (started 6/8/32)
Louis Nash (served 7/1/32-9/8/32)
Harry D. Marsh (started 10/11/32)

Thomas H. Simpson, Chair
James J. McGinley
Harry D. Marsh (left 10/25/33)
Charles E. Sullivan (started 10/26/33)

Sam Mullin, Chair
Annie Thomas
Frank Brewster

Sam Mullin, Chair
Frank Brewster,
Henry Elliott, Jr.

Sam Mullin, Chair
Frank Brewster,
Henry Elliott, Jr.

Sam Mullin, Chair
Henry Elliott, Jr.
Frank Brewster

Henry Elliott, Jr., Chair
David E. Lockwood
George Mulkey

Henry Elliott, Jr., Chair
David E. Lockwood
Robert Buchanan

Henry Elliott, Jr., Chair
David E. Lockwood
Robert Buchanan

Henry Elliott Jr., Chair
Robert Buchanan
John Sylvester

Henry Elliott, Chair
John N. Sylvester
Robert Buchanan

Henry Elliott, Chair
John N. Sylvester
Robert Buchanan

Henry Elliott, Chair
Robert Buchanan
Roger H. Cutting

Robert C. Buchanan, Chair
Roger H. Cutting
Francis A. LeSourd

Robert C. Buchanan, Chair
Roger H. Cutting
Francis A. LeSourd

Robert C. Buchanan, Chair
Tex Allison
Francis A. LeSourd

Robert C. Buchanan, Chair
Homer A. Bergren
Francis A. LeSourd

Robert C. Buchanan, Chair
Homer A. Bergren
Francis A. LeSourd

Robert C. Buchanan, Chair
Francis A. LeSourd
Lawrence Bates

Robert C. Buchanan, Chair
Lawrence Bates
Burton J. Wheelon

Lawrence Bates, Chair
Burton J. Wheelon
Malcolm E. McLaren

Burton J. Wheelon, Chair
Malcolm E. McLaren
Dorothy Leavell

Malcolm E. McLaren, Chair
Dorothy Leavell
George C. Mathieu

Malcolm E. McLaren, Chair
Dorothy Leavell
George C. Mathieu

Malcolm E. McLaren, Chair
George C. Mathieu
Dorothy Leavell

Malcolm E. McLaren, Chair
Robert H. Harlin
Dorothy Leavell (resigned 9/17/57)
Burton J. Wheelon (appointed 9/17/57)

Burton J. Wheelon, Chair
Robert H. Harlin
Warren H. Berry

Robert H. Harlin
Warren H. Berry
Burton J. Wheelon

Warren H. Berry
Burton J. Wheelon
Robert H. Harlin

Burton J. Wheelon
Robert H. Harlin
Warren H. Berry

Burton J. Wheelon, Chair
Warren H. Berry
Robert H. Harlin (deceased 2/11/62)
John D. Spellman (appointed 3/27/62)

Burton J. Wheelon, Chair
Warren H. Berry
John D. Spellman

John D. Spellman, Chair
Herbert M. Stephens
E.A. Cook

John D. Spellman, Chair
E.A. Cook
Herbert M. Stephens

E.A. Cook
Herbert M. Stephens
John Spellman

E.A. Cook
Herbert M. Stephens
Merlin C. Brown (completed Spellman's unexpired term)

Merlin Brown
E.A. Cook
H. M. Stephens

E.A. Cook
Herbert M. Stephens
Merlin c. Brown

Herbert M. Stephens
Merlin C. Brown
Allan Munro

Merlin C. Brown
Allan Munro
Donald D. Haley

Allan Munro
Donald D. Haley
Robert E. McGinty

Donald D. Haley, Chair
Robert E. McGinty
Allan Munro (left 3/14/73)
Nobie Chan (started mid-1973)

Robert E. McGinty, Chair
Nobie Chan
Donald D. Haley

Nobie Chan, Chair
Donald D. Haley
Robert E. McGinty

Donald D. Haley, Chair
Robert E. McGinty
Nobie Chan

Robert E. McGinty, Chair
Nobie Chan
Donald D. Haley

Nobie Chan, Chair
David Grayson
Donald Haley

City Treasurer

The 1869 City Charter specified that the Treasurer was elected by a majority vote of the Common Council.

1869-1872 Charles H. Burnett
1873 D.T. Wheeler
1874 H.W. Rowland
1875 D.T. Wheeler
1876-1877 H.W. Rowland
1878-1879 John Blanchard
1880-1881 L.S. McLure
1882 J.D. Lowman
1883 William H. Taylor
1885 Andrew Chilberg
1886 Lewis A. Treen
1887 E.A. Turner
1888 Isaac Barker
1889-1892 Willis L. Amers

The Freeholders' City Charter of 1890 provided for the election of a Treasurer by the qualified voting citizens of the City. The Treasurer's term of office was set at two years.

1892-1894 Adolph Krug  
1894-1896 J.M.E. Atkinson  
1896-1898 George F. Meacham  
1898-1900 Aaron H. Foote  
1900-1902 Samuel F. Rathbun  
1902-1904 Matt H. Gormley  
1904-1906 Samuel F. Rathbun  
1906-1908 George F. Russell  
1908-1910 William T. Prosser  
1910-1929 Ed L. Terry  
1929-1952 H.L. Collier Elected by City Council to fill unexpired term of Ed Terry. Resigned October 14, 1952.
1952-1967 George H. Culver Appointed to fill Collier's unexpired term. Retired January 16, 1967.
1967-1972 Egil D. Lorentzen Appointed January 16, 1967 to fill unexpired term of Culver.
1972-1973 P. F. Eldred Resigned January 1, 1974.
1974-1979 John W. Kelly  
1980-1992 Lloyd Hara The Treasurer's Office was abolished by a citizen vote on a City Charter amendment.

Seattle Street Commissioner

A City Charter Amendment in 1875 created the position of Street Commissioner to be elected annually by the Common Council. The new City Charter of 1890 stipulated that the Street Commissioner be appointed by the Board of Public Works and a subsequent Amendment in 1894 required that the position be filled by a member of the Board.

1877 William Blackman
1878-1879 M.J. Costello
1880-1882 R.H. Calligan
1883 Henry Sheahan
1884 G.L. Manning
1885-1888 Lawrence Cummings
1889-1891 George N. Alexander
1892 Lawrence Cummings
1893 Timothy Ryan
1894-1896 George N. Alexander

The new Freeholders City Charter of 1896 created the position of Superintendent of Streets, Sewers, and Parks. The Superintendent was appointed by the Mayor for a three-year term. In 1904, with creation of the Board of Parks Commissioners, the Parks function was removed from the Superintendent. The Department of Streets and Sewers was abolished in 1936 and became the Maintenance Division of the Engineering Department.

1897-1902 F.N. Little  
1903-1906 A.L. Walters Appointed to serve Little's unexpired term and was subsequently appointed for a full three-year term.
1907-10/1907 Charles R. Case Michael T. Maloney was appointed, but not confirmed. Case was appointed, but resigned in October.
10/1907-12/1909 Michael T. Maloney Maloney was appointed to finish out Case's term.
1910-1912 A.L. Walters  
1913-1921 Charles R. Case  
1/1922-8/1922 O.A. Piper  
8/1922-12/1922   Mayor Brown appointed George W. Scott, Carl S. Gassman, Francis R. Kelly, and Charles Bolsby, to serve Piper's unexpired term, but the Council refused to confirm any of them. Lt. Col. G.N. Rice was finally elected, but the Mayor refused to accept his bond. Rice resigned eight days after his confirmation by the Council. During part of this period, assistant superintendent Byron Thomas served as acting superintendent.
12/1922-6/1928 W.D. Barkhuff Barkhuff was appointed to served the balance of Piper's term and was subsequently appointed to two additional three-year terms. He resigned to become City Engineer.
6/1928-7/1931 Daniel A. Boyle  
7/1931-6/1932 Harry W. Dail  
6/1932-6/1934 Herman W. Ross  
6/1934-3/1936 Dudley B. Eddy Department was abolished.

Water Department Superintendent

A public waterworks was created by City Charter Amendment in 1875. However, Seattle was served primarily by small private water companies for the next decade-and-a-half. Following the Great Fire of 1889, citizens voted to fund creation of a municipally owned water system. The City purchased the private systems and began development of the Cedar River Watershed, and since 1891, has owned and operated a municipal water system. The system was administered by the Superintendent of Water under the auspices of the Board of Public Works. In 1905 the Department of Lighting and Water Works was created. Five years later, the Water Department became a separate entity. In 1997 the Water Department was consolidated with the utilities of the Engineering Department to form Seattle Public Utilities.

1888-1889 Board of Public Works No Water Department
1890 W.T. Preston Resigned
1890 J.F. Pratt Served for 12 days
1890 W.T. Chalk  
1891 F.W. Wald  
1892 Dubose Fitten  
1892 W.E. Wilson  
1893 R.H. Calligan  
1894 Andrew Jackson  
1895-1923 Luther B. Youngs Died in office
1923-1926 George F. Russell  
1926-1928 L. Murray Grant  
1928-1931 W.B. Severyns  
1931-1932 A.F. Marion  
1932-1934 Otto D. Rohlfs  
1934-1936 Harold D. Fowler Resigned 6/1/36
1936-1938 Joseph E. Whetstone  
1938 G.B. Schunke  
1938 Frederick Hamley  
1938-1949 William C. Morse Died in office
1949-1955 Roy W. Morse Resigned to become City Engineer
1955 Louis Judkins Served for two weeks
1955-1966 James Raymond Heath  
1967-1987 Kenneth M. Lowthian  
1987 Thomas E. Spring Served for 3 months
1987-1994 Robert P. Groncznack  
1994 Scott Haskins Served for 2 months
1995-1997 Diana Gale  

Municipal Archives, City Clerk

Anne Frantilla, City Archivist
Address: 600 Fourth Avenue, Third Floor, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94728, Seattle, WA, 98124-4728
Phone: (206) 684-8353

The Office of the City Clerk maintains the City's official records, provides support for the City Council, and manages the City's historical records through the Seattle Municipal Archives. The Clerk's Office provides information services to the public and to City staff.