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June 2016 - German sanitarium

The following letter was received by the City Council on March 2, 1942:

To the City Council
Seattle, Washington

Dear Sirs:

Am writing to call your attention to the fine old residence on the corner of University Street and Boren Avenue, built for the home of the late Manson F. Backus, Esq.

For several years it has been occupied by a Mrs. Carlston, who has conducted a well-run boarding house. Through Broderick & Company the property has recently been sold by the owner, Mr. William E. Boeing, to a physician, Dr. Leedy, for $13,500.00, to be used as a sanitarium for aged Germans. This, you can readily understand, does not please the neighborhood, which consists of old-time property holders, as they not only object to the nationality but the idea of seeing cripples and invalids in wheeled chairs and pajamas in the yard.

The Sunset Club, The Marlborough House,
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Green, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Struve,
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Myers, and Mr. A.G. Dunn
are viewing this with resentment.

Mrs. Carlston has put a large sum of money into the place, and would very much like to purchase it herself, with a small sum down and the remainder on the rental plan. Will you kindly help us out on this unpleasant prospect.

Yours hopefully,
C.E. Perkins
(Mrs. William D. Perkins)

The Clerk of the Public Safety Committee wrote back to Mrs. Perkins to tell her that the committee recommended her letter be placed on file.