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December 2022 - Noisy children

child on slide with mother nearby

A 1947 memo from a Seattle City Light staffer to SCL Superintendent E.R. Hoffman read, in full:

In our last bulletin we had a picture of a back yard playground for the children advocating keeping them off the streets and flood lighting the yard at night.

Yesterday and today we have had two calls on it from some women, I presume old maids, who just gave us the devil for advocating play grounds in your own back yard for your own children. Both calls were switched to Chatfield, one of which is attached. This goes to prove that you will always have criticism regardless of how high your ideals and principles may be.

The referenced phone call was transcribed as follows:

Children are noisy and troublesome and cause a great deal of inconvenience, and people should think of that before they bring them into the world. Of course they don’t think of it, but I don’t see why the rest of us should suffer for it. They should keep them in the house where they don’t bother everyone in the neighborhood with their noise.

The subject line of the memo? "You can’t please everyone."

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