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February 2016 - Chinese New Year

newspaper article

The February 14, 1964, edition of the Seattle Times described a school field trip under the headline "Chinese New Year: Noodle Plant Intrigues 3rd Graders." The story ran as follows:

Today marked the second day of the Chinese Community's celebration of the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese, it is the year 4662 - the Year of the Dragon.

To mark the occasion a teacher and three mothers today were "draggin'" 23 third-graders from Green Lake School through Chinatown.

"Shepherding" perhaps would be a more exact word, but, of course, this is not the Year of the Shepherd.

The shepherds were Mrs. Irma Adcock, third-grade teacher, and Mrs. C.L. Watson, Mrs. Noel Peart and Mrs. C.L. Queen, mothers of pupils in the class.

The youngsters are studying China, so a field trip to Chinatown was deemed appropriate.

The children first went to the Tse Chong noodle plant, 801 S. King St. They were shown how Chinese noodles and Chinese fortune cookies are made.

Tak Woon Lee, who operates a shredding machine there, showed how the flat pieces of dough are shredded into noodles, then hung on racks.

Right in the front row watching the procedure was a class member, Linda Chu, 8, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sheng Chu.

It was all new to her.

Before they left the plant they were given a box of noodles and a huge bag of fortune cookies.

The children then visited Chinatown's Kokusai Theater and had lunch at the Hong Kong Restaurant.

Taking fortune cookies to a Chinese restaurant is like carrying coals to Newcastle. But they did it.

The Chinese New Year's celebration continues through Sunday.

Sol G. Levy, businessman, was named the Chinese Community's Man of the Year last night. He long has been active in Chinatown civic affairs, is a former president of the China Club and visited the Orient last year.