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February 2018 - Mystery money drops

police memo

In the midst of a 1970 scandal related to police payoffs, money was mysteriously left in the Mayor's Office in what was described as a possible attempt to frame the mayor or his staff for wrongdoing.

The first drop was made in late May, when a man dropped off an envelope for deputy mayor Robert Lavoie and then left hurriedly. The receptionist brought the envelope to Lavoie, who discovered $500 in $20 bills inside. Lavoie immediately brought the envelope to Mayor Wes Uhlman, who then called the police.

Two weeks later, a different man brought in a second envelope, again directed to Lavoie. The receptionist, on alert after the first mysterious delivery, attempted to stall the man. He gave his name as "Mr. Johnson" but left quickly. This envelope contained $1000 in $20 bills, plus a postcard of a deer at Woodland Park Zoo.

The Police Department's internal investigations unit was looking into the money drops but keeping their inquiry quiet, waiting for something else to happen. Finally, about three weeks after the second envelope was delivered, a KOMO radio reporter asked Mayor Uhlman at a press conference whether he knew anything about money being delivered to any of his staff. The reporter would not disclose the source of his information about the money drops, but police theorized that some kind of set-up had been attempted, possibly related to the ongoing police corruption investigation.

The money was placed in the city treasury, designated as a gift from an anonymous donor. The police investigator on the case said he remained puzzled by the zoo postcard.