Find of the Month

August 2018 - Westlake Park


The following letter from 1968 was found in records from the Mayor’s Office [sic throughout]:

Dear Mayor Bramon

I was reading about the plan being forward to you about the Westlake Mall Park
      This would be a mistake
it would and now does attract only those out of work and those people naturally are not the shoppers

Shoppers in this day and age have no time to sit around on benches and especially in the winter time

If you do have 2.5 million to spend it would be wise to consider a garage for free parking for downtown customers

The reason downtown has gone to pot is because people with cars are going to southgate, northgate and bellevue---the people downtown are composed mostly of office workers in a hurry to get home and the unemployed (either old age, beatniks and bums) The main thing is to attract more car owners into the downtown area and this can only be done by FREE PARKING---this day and age those who can and can not afford it---travel by private transportation---the car – and free parking will attract the car owner

Molly Aasten