City of Seattle’s Electric Trucks Incentive Pilot

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Electric Trucks Pilot Program Overview

Seattle’s Duwamish Valley is the region's largest cluster of freight-related jobs and activities, with approximately 4,000 diesel drayage trucks serving the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle. While these trucks transport containers for very short distances, carrying goods from massive cargo ships to adjacent rail yards and distribution centers, they are some of the heaviest polluters in the region.

The City of Seattle’s Heavy Duty Vehicle Electrification Incentive Pilot aims to bring new electric drayage trucks to the Duwamish Valley in the next 2 years, with the potential to scale as new federal and state incentives grant programs are developed and implemented. 

What We Fund:

The City of Seattle investment will fund point of sale rebates for new electric vehicles operating in the Duwamish community. Incentives are available for Battery Electric Class 8 Tractor Trailer Trucks and will cover 40% (Up to $180,000) per truck for a total of $1.7 million available in funding. 

Who We Fund:

The application is open to all current and new drayage fleet owners based in Washington State servicing the Port of Seattle, based in the city of Seattle, or based in the Duwamish Valley. Priority will be given to Independent Owner Operators, small drayage fleets, and Women-and Minority-Owned businesses. 

Why the Duwamish Valley:

The nearly constant operation of these 4,000 diesel engines pours pollution into the Duwamish Valley and Port-adjacent communities. Studies have found that the neighborhoods of Beacon Hill, Georgetown, and South Park rank higher in both air pollution levels and asthma rates in children, as compared to other neighborhoods in Seattle.
Electrifying diesel emissions are a top priority for the City of Seattle given diesel pollution’s disproportionate impact on human health. For years, Seattle’s community-based organizations in the Duwamish Valley have called for the electrification of drayage trucks to address the problem of harmful diesel emissions in the neighborhood. 

Application Materials 

Application Deadline Extended! Applications must be submitted online by 5pm on Monday, November 6. 

Information Sessions

  • Saturday, September 9, 1 - 3 pm at the High Point Library (3411 SW Raymond St., Seattle 98126)

Stay tuned for future info session dates and locations. 

Additional Resources

Charging Resources

Financing Resouces 

Name of Institution Offer Contact
Business Impact  Market rate loans up to $500k, even for low or no credit; riba-free financing.  Victor Saladana 
Sound Credit Union Commercial vehicle loans up to $250,000,  
interest rate dependent on credit history/cash flow. 
Patrick Parks 
(253) 383-2016 ext 2913 
Verity Credit Union Commercial auto loans up to $2 million,  
interest rate dependent on credit history/cash flow. 
Zora Aman 
(206) 440-9000 ext 5716 
First Tech Federal Credit Union Commercial loans up to $250,000 for truck owners  
who have been working 2+ years and have cash flow. 

Ken Read 
(503) 469-7883 

Incentive Resources

Local Utility Fleet Electrification Incentive Programs

State Incentives

  • Washington State Clean Alternative Fuel Commercial Vehicle Tax Credit: 
    • 75% of the incremental cost between a diesel and electric truck, up to $100,000 (whichever is less)
    • Variations in tax credit amounts apply for various combined vehicle weight ratings, Leased vs. Owned vehicles, and Vehicle Conversions
  • Washington State Clean Alternative Fuel Commercial Vehicle Infrastructure Tax Credit: 
    50% of the eligible infrastructure costs
  • Learn more about the specific details of these tax credits.

Federal Incentives

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