Data and Reports

Under Seattle's Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, the City shares building-specific data with the public annually. The program also produces occasional analysis reports and publishes data on the Seattle Energy Benchmarking visualization tool. Explore the data and reports below. 

Data Visualization Site

This interactive mapping tool allows you to explore buildings across the city. Click on any building subject to the benchmarking requirements to view a building report

Search for a building on the map

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The new building reports provide a basic summary of the building, compare energy use per square foot to similar buildings, summarize its climate impact, and track how a building performs over time after adjusting for weather. 

Analysis Reports

Seattle has recently completed a summary analysis report for 2014-2016 reporting data. This builds on past reports for benchmarking data reported for 2011, 2012 and 2013. 

Download Building Data

Detailed building performance data is now available for 2015, 2016, and 2017 through the City of Seattle's Open Data portal where users can download, sort, or filter the data. The data we publish comes in two primary formats:

A full dataset of all buildings required to report for a given year, including building characteristics, energy and emissions data, and compliance information.

2019 Building Data

2018 Building Data

2017 Building Data

2016 Building Data

2015 Building Data


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