Shifting Gears: Seattle's 2030 Vision for 90% Zero-Emission Personal Trips

In pursuit of a more sustainable future, the City has set an ambitious target for 90% of all personal trips to be zero emissions by 2030. This goal encourages walking, biking, electric transit, and electric vehicle use, promoting a shift away from fossil-fuel-dependent transportation modes. It aims to significantly reduce the city's transportation-related carbon footprint, aligning with broader climate action strategies and fostering a healthier, more environmentally friendly urban environment. 


In 2023, City Light, WSDOT, MTR Western, and Amtrak partnered to launch the United States’ first electric regional bus. The bus connects Seattle and Bellingham and will eliminate 109 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. 

SDOT and King County Metro partnered to create the Flip Your Trip Center City campaign, which focuses on increasing transit ridership and reducing GHG emissions. Participants in the program will pledge and receive $25 in credits for transit, scooter, and bike share. So far, more than 2,000 participants have flipped over 13,000 individual trips, significantly reducing individual carbon footprints! 

Sal the Salmon attending a Flip Your Trip event.

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