Our primary goal is compliance. While the City of Seattle has the legal authority to assess fines for non-compliance, we have designed the Building Tune-Ups policy with a variety of compliance pathways.  See How To Comply to find out which compliance pathway works best for your facility.

To support building owners, compliance deadlines will be phased in by building size. 

Building Tune-Ups Reporting Deadlines

Building Tune-Ups are required every five years for commercial buildings 50,000 square feet (sf) or larger, excluding parking. To support building owners, compliance deadlines will be phased in by building size and will be ongoing, with reporting required every five years thereafter. Tune-up reports are due October 1st of a buildings compliance year, with the exception of the first group of buildings (200,000 SF+).

Requests for alternative compliance, extensions, or waivers must be submitted 180 days before a compliance due date.

For more on compliance deadlines, see our About page.

Tune-up Schedule


Failure to submit evidence of compliance will result in assessed penalties. Building owners that miss their reporting deadline will be issued a formal warning letter noting that continued non-compliance will result in an assessed fine. Six months' post issuing the legal warning notice, an initial fine amount will be assessed as determined by building size. If a building owner does not remedy the violation within the allotted six-month timeframe, a substantial second fine amount will be assessed.

Penalties for failure to comply per SMC 22.930.210 are based on building size as follows:

Building size 

For more information on penalties, see OSE Director's Rule 2016-01.