Small Business & Cultural Space Permit Facilitation

How We Can Help

Research and early permit coaching:

  • Facilitator will research property for most current permit information
  • Develop a permit strategy for most streamlined permitting options
  • Seek to minimize costly requirements that could add to construction costs or complexity of permit type
  • Review permit application material for completeness prior to submittal

Expedited permitting services:

  • Prioritized appointment for your permit application
  • Reduced timeline for completing plan review
  • Be aware that other departments and reviews outside of SDCI might still be required and have different timelines
  • Single point of contact for permit applicant

About the Program

SDCI has dedicated staff to answer your questions and help you navigate the process of getting a construction permit for your small business within the city of Seattle. Our staff can help you to research potential permitting options at specific locations before you sign a lease. For more information about our program, read New Small Business Permit Facilitator and Dedicated Permit Services.

Screening Process

To be screened to see if your business qualifies for the small business expedited services offered with SDCI, contact Celwyn Green,, with Seattle Office of Economic Development . She will set up a time to talk with you and see if your business qualifies. After you are approved, OED will refer you on to SDCI and we can start to help with your permitting needs.

Visit the Office of Economic Development's website for more information on Seattle’s small business programs.