What Should I Do if I'm Cited?

What Is It?

We investigate potential code violations after we receive a complaint (see common questions about codes). If someone complained about your property and we found a violation, you may be contacted by an inspector or you may receive a notice in the mail.

If you receive a warning, citation, Notice of Violation, Emergency Order, or other enforcement document, read it completely! It will explain:

  • Why you are being contacted by the City
  • What you need to correct
  • Any fines or penalties you may owe
  • How much time you have to fix the problem
  • Who your inspector is
  • Whether you have a right to appeal or request a review

Make sure you contact your assigned inspector right away so he or she can work with you throughout the correction process.

You can find more information about the complaint process on our Make a Property or Building Complaint and How We Respond pages.

What It Isn’t

This page does not cover how to file a complaint and does not have information about requirements of specific codes.

Read the Code

Read the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) for more information about housing and building maintenance standards and other code requirements: