Problems With Your Rental Unit

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What Is It?

A black woman reporting a leaking bathtub.Seattle has a Housing and Building Maintenance Code that requires minimum standards in rental housing. The code regulates minimum:

  • Space and Occupancy Standards (floor area, light and ventilation, and sanitation)
  • Structural Standards (roofs, floors, walls, chimneys, foundations, and maintenance)
  • Mechanical Standards (heating, ventilation and electrical)
  • Fire and Safety Standards (stairs, exits, emergency escapes, windows, doors, guardrails)
  • Security Standards (entry doors, locks, windows, observation ports)
  • Buildings Unfit for Human Habitation or Other Use (buildings or structures that pose an imminent health and safety risk)

What It Isn’t

The code in general does not cover items like carpeting, window coverings, or cosmetic issues.

Rules to Follow

The Housing and Building Maintenance Code requires that:

  • Property owners comply with these minimum standards and maintain their units accordingly
  • Tenants in units where these standards are not met can ask for a housing inspection that may result in a notice of violation subject to fines and penalties

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