Notice to Enter a Rental Unit

What Is It?

A black woman with a notice that her landlord wants to enter her rental unit.State law requires both landlords and renters to be reasonable about seeking and granting access to a rental unit (RCW 59.18.150).

A landlord cannot enter a renter's home without the occupant’s consent. A landlord has a right to enter the renter’s home for necessary or agreed repairs and inspections. The landlord can also enter the home to show it to prospective renters or buyers. Before entering the home, the landlord must give the renter proper written notice and the renter must agree to the entry. There is an exception in the case of an emergency or when the renter abandons the home.

Rules to Follow

Landlords are required to:

  • Give renters at least two days’ written notice to enter to make repairs or improvements, supply services, or to inspect
  • Give renters at least one days’ notice to enter to show the home to prospective tenants or buyers
  • Include the purpose and time of the proposed entry, a phone number, and name of a person who the renter can call to reschedule on the written notices

Tenants must grant reasonable access to the property owner and manager.

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