Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Extensions

What Is It?

A shoreline extension gives you an additional year (3 years, instead of 2 years) to begin work under your shoreline permit. An extension may also give you an additional year to complete your work (6 years, instead of 5 years). You can extend a shoreline permit if:

  • Your current project has not expired
  • You have a reasonable explanation for needing the extension

If you have not begun construction within the initial 2 year life of your shoreline permit, you must get an extension. You need this extension even if you have a building permit; shoreline permits do not assume the life of the building permit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fee to apply for a shoreline extension is the SDCI base fee. We will bill additional review hours at our hourly rate.

How Long Does It Take?

We try to issue shoreline extensions within two weeks.

Steps to Get a Renewal

Request your shoreline extension online at the Seattle Project Portal.