Inspections Limited to Essential Projects

In response to COVID-19, the Governor has suspended most construction activity. We will only inspect those projects deemed essential per the Governor's Orderclarifying memo, and Limited Inspections Per Governor's Stay at Home Order.

If you believe your project is an essential project, you need to submit documentation that your project meets the criteria. To do so, send us an email citing the specific language in the Governor's Order and/or clarifying memo (including page, paragraph, line) that is relevant to your project. Include the permit number and project site address in the subject line of your email request. (Note: A Business Reentry Card, that allows you to reenter the site, is not a determination that you are an essential project. If you need clarification on what is an essential project, see the State's Essential Business Inquiries page.)

Email your request to Patrick Beaulieu,, or Tim Blevins,   

If we determine your project is essential, we will add a note in the record to allow you to schedule inspections.  

We will process requests during regular business hours. The criteria for essential projects may be subject to change by further State or City government order.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Inspection Types

We require a set of inspections for all permits to confirm various steps in the construction and installation process. Find out what's required and when to schedule each type:

Scheduling an Inspection

You can schedule most inspections by:

Annual inspections for boilers and elevators or escalators and inspections for code compliance and design review are scheduled automatically; special inspections require that you select an inspection agency and arrange site visits with them.

Find Your Inspector

To find the inspector assigned to your area, view the following: