About Us

Since its beginning in 1929, Seattle City Employees' Retirement System has provided retirement income to thousands of former city of Seattle employees and their beneficiaries. There are approximately 10,400 active employee members and five thousand retired employee members who participate in the plan.

The provisions of the plan are set forth in Chapter 4.36 of the Seattle Municipal Code. The plan is a defined benefit plan, which means the employee's salary, years of service, and age at the time of retirement are used to determine a monthly retirement benefit.

Seattle City Employees' Retirement System is led by a seven-member Board of Administration and an Executive Director appointed by the Board. The Board of Administration page includes information about the members, meetings, minutes, and governance documents.

The Interim Executive Director is Kenneth J. Nakatsu. He leads a Staff which includes a leadership team, investment services team, a team of retirement specialists, and an internal services team who are available to handle your retirement needs.

Seattle City Employees' Retirement System stewards just over $2.3 billion in assets as of the latest reporting period. The Financials and Governance page includes asset allocation and performance, the Retirement System's investment policy, meeting minutes of the Board of Administration, and governance documents and charters.