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Administrative Rules

The Seattle Fire Code provides authority for the Fire Code Official to adopt policies, procedures, rules and regulations to clarify the application of the Fire Code.

Such Administrative Rules are reviewed and approved by the Seattle Fire Code Advisory Board prior to public notice in the Daily Journal of Commerce and are then filed with the Seattle City Clerk.

View or download copies of Administrative Rules using the links provided below. 

Administrative Rules

Administrative Rule 1.01.17 - Fee Waiver Policies for Compliance Re-Inspection Fees Charged by the Fire Marshal's Office

Administrative Rule 9.01.17 - Certificates of Competency for Installing, Inspecting, Testing and Maintaining Fire Protection Systems

Administrative Rule 9.02.17 - Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Reporting Requirements for Fire Protection Systems

Administrative Rule 9.03.17 - Automatic Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems

Administrative Rule 9.04.17 - Impaired Fire Protection Systems

Administrative Rule 9.05.14 - Alarm Signal Verification

Administrative Rule 9.06.14 - Sprinkler Systems and Fire Alarms for Elevator Machinery Rooms, Hoist Ways and Pits

Administrative Rule 9.07.07 - Partial / Phased Occupancy, Occupancy During Construction and Temporary Certificates of Occupancy

Administrative Rule 9.09.07 - Visible Alarm Notification Devices

Administrative Rule 11.01.14 - Fire Escape Stair Structural Examination, Testing and Repair Requirements

Administrative Rule 26.01.14 - Cutting, Welding and Other Hot Work on Marine Vessels

Administrative Rule 26.02.14 - Designated Marine Hot Work Facilities and Shipyards

Administrative Rule 27.01.14  - Marine Terminals

Administrative Rule 27.02.04 - Storage and Use of Hazardous Materials, Including Flammable and Combustible Liquids, in Freight Containers Outside of Buildings

Administrative Rule 27.03.05 - Ventilation Systems in Research and Educational Laboratories (Fume Hoods)

Administrative Rule 34.02.07 - Decommissioning Residential Heating Oil Tanks

Administrative Rule 53.01.15 - Marijuana Growing and Oil Extraction Processes

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Last Modified:   June 26, 2017

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