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Ticket Payment and Information

Ticket Response Options



You MUST respond to your ticket within 15 days.

Always follow the instructions on your ticket.

Here are ways you can respond to the ticket you have received:

Click here for information on scheduling a hearing.

If You are Unable to Make a Full Payment

If you are unable to pay a ticket or fine in full, you may request a time payment plan from the Financial Compliance staff at the first floor counter. A $10 administration fee will be added and included in the plan. Minimum monthly payments are $50 unless you are receiving government financial assistance, in which case you may be eligible for lower monthly payments or to work at a local charitable organization instead of paying. Contact the Court at 206.684.5600 for more information.

Request A Mitigation hearing

You can request a MITIGATION HEARING, where you admit you have committed the infraction, but want to explain the circumstances. You cannot appeal the judges decision after your hearing. You may submit a written statement (adjudication by mail) instead of appearing in person at your hearing.

Make A Payment

Online and Phone payments accept Visa and Mastercard only.

Service Centers do not accept credit/debit cards.

You may make a payment:

  1. Make a payment online.
  2. Make a payment over the phone. Call 206-233-7000.
  3. Pay in person at the Courthouse Map Image or a Neighborhood Service Center. Click here for Neighborhood locations.
  4. Mail in your payment to
      Seattle Municipal Court
      PO BOX C-34109
      Seattle, Wa 98124-1109

Request A Contested Hearing

You may also request a CONTESTED HEARING, where you deny that you committed the infraction. If you request a contested hearing, the Court will schedule you for a pre-hearing settlement conference. The goal of the pre-hearing conference is to reach a resolution without the formality and expense of a contested hearing (trial). You may skip the pre-hearing conference and proceed directly to trial, by completing the waiver form that will be sent to you with your pre-hearing conference notice. You may submit a written statement (adjudication by mail) instead of appearing at your contested pre-hearing conference; however, you cannot appeal the judges ruling if you do so.

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