Proposed Court Rules for Public Comment

Comment Period Open: SMC LR 8.2.4

Proposed Rule SMCLR 8.2.4: Motion of Citywide Significance

Comments on the following proposed Court Rule are due by December 12, 2021

Upon the filing of a motion in a criminal case, any party or the assigned judge may request that such motion be designated as an "issue of citywide significance." Upon receiving such request, the Presiding Judge may designate such motion as an "issue of citywide significance."

Upon designation of a motion as an "issue of citywide significance," the Presiding Judge shall create a new case name and title for the motion (e.g., "In re [subject matter]"), assign a minimum of three judges to act as a panel to hear the motion including any necessary testimony, and allow impacted parties with standing to move the Court for permission to participate in briefings and hearings regarding the "issue of citywide significance." The panel of judges shall hear testimony and argument and enter Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and Decision ("Ruling") on the motion. Judges of the Court shall then have the following options: (1) accept such Ruling in its entirety; (2) not accept such Ruling and request a hearing before the panel for the presentation of additional testimony and/or argument; or (3) accept the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, in whole or in part, and make a separate decision thereon. A record of the hearing shall be made, and a transcript shall be made available to any judge of the Court upon their request. Copies of the transcript shall be made available through the Court to any person upon payment of the costs of transcription.

Comments must be submitted in writing and directed to, or:

Seattle Municipal Court
ATTN: Public Information Officer
600 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98104

The court will publish and consider all comments received by December 12, 2021.