Find Your Courtroom

The Seattle Municipal Court has twelve courtrooms in the Seattle Justice Center and one courtroom in the King County Jail.




Courtroom 201   Rotates 2nd
Courtroom 301   Rotates 3rd
Courtroom 302   Rotates 3rd
Courtroom 901 Hon. Damon Shadid 9th
Courtroom 902 Hon. Adam Eisenberg 9th
Courtroom 903 Hon. Damon Shadid 9th
Courtroom 1001 Hon. C. Kimi Kondo 10th
Courtroom 1002 Hon. Anita Crawford-Willis 10th
Courtroom 1003 Hon. Ed McKenna
Courtroom 1101 Hon. Willie Gregory 11th
Courtroom 1102   Dark 11th
Courtroom 1103 Rotates 11th
King County Jail, Courtroom 2 (KCJ2) Rotates 1st