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SMC Public Information

Yolande E. Williams, Court Administrator

Seattle Municipal Court is committed to providing court documents in response to public disclosure requests according to Washington State Court Rules GR 31 and ARLJ9. A request form is provided on this web site under Public Disclosure Requests and may be returned to the court's Public Information Officer.

AOC Data Security Announcement, 05/09/2013

Read the Press Release from the AOC.          AOC Data Breach Hotline: 1-800-448-5584

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) announced that a security breach occurred on their public website. Although no court records were altered and no personal financial data was maintained on the site, it is possible that up to 160,000 social security numbers and 1 million driver license numbers could have been accessed. There is no evidence that the information was, in fact, compromised, but the data was vulnerable and should be considered potentially exposed.

Individuals meeting the following criteria could potentially be affected by the breach:
Social security numbers and names:

  • Persons who were booked into a city or county jail within the state of Washington between September 2011 through December 2012, may have had their name and social security numbers accessed.

Driver license numbers and names may have been accessed for:

  • Persons who received a DUI citation in Washington State between 1989 through 2011;
  • Persons who had a traffic case in Washington State filed or resolved in a district or municipal court between 2011 through 2012;
  • Persons who had a superior court criminal case in Washington State that was filed against them or resolved between 2011 through 2012.

Further information is available on the AOC website at: In addition, a hotline has been established to answer questions at 1-800-448-5584. Persons who want to determine whether their information may have been obtained are being directed to this number. We are doing our best to advise the public to call this number, not the courts or other state agencies, regarding this matter.

Read the Press Release from the AOC.

Public Disclosure Requests Media Relations

Rule ARLJ 9: Disclosure of Records   Link outside of the City of Seattle web

Rule GR 31: Access To Court Records    Link outside of the City of Seattle web

SMC Policy

RCW 42.56: Public Records Act    Link outside of the City of Seattle web

RCW 42.30: Open Public Meetings Act   Link outside of the City of Seattle web

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Public Information Officer:

Gary L. Ireland
Phone: 206-684-8710

GR16: Courtroom Photograpy and Video Recording By the Media

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