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About the Marshals

The Marshals are the Law Enforcement and Security Division for the Municipal Court of Seattle. The Marshals are not Federal Marshals. The title "Marshal" denotes an official who has charge of prisoners and who carries out the process of the courts.

To ensure Court safety and security the Marshals are responsible for the transportation of In-Custody Defendants from the King County Jail or other jail facilities to Court hearings, security and weapons screening, and the arrests of out-of-custody defendants.

Screening Upon Entry

Every person who enters the Municipal Court of Seattle will go through security and weapons screening overseen by the Marshals in the Seattle Justice Center . At this time the only persons exempt from screening are sworn Law Enforcement Officers. Screening is also in place for access to the Municipal Court of Seattle's courtroom at the King County Correctional Facility (Jail) but is managed by King County and not the Marshals. These items are not allowed in the Court's Facility:

  1. Firearms
  2. Potential weapons including: pocket knives, pepper spray, corkscrews, laser pointers, etc.
  3. Contraband and illegal items including: knives, brass knuckles, drugs
  4. Alcohol

For additional information on weapons screening, click here.

Unclaimed Items/Lost and Found

Items lost in the Municipal Court of Seattle will be held either by the Court Marshals Office, (206) 684-5687 or the Seattle Police Department, (206) 625-5011. Valuables will be turned over to the Seattle Police Department.

Unclaimed items, such as ones for which a receipt was given during security and weapons screening, will be kept for a maximum of 60 days before disposal or destruction.

Remember to ask the Marshal for your item as you leave.

Personal Security

The Municipal Court Marshals are happy to provide you Personal Security Brochure PDF, with tips to keep you safe.

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"To Serve and Protect with Dignity and Respect"

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