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Jury Duty

Jury Service at Seattle Municipal Court ----- Reporting for Duty

When To Report Where to Go

First day jurors report at 8:30 am. On subsequent days, jurors will be told what time to report. Please be prompt. One late juror can waste the time of the many persons involved in a trial. Generally, your service day will be completed between 4:30 - 5:00pm. Jury duty in Seattle Municipal Court is Tuesday through Thursday, or the completion of a trial. If you are seated on a jury, your service may be continued to the following week to complete a trial. Jurors are required to serve for the duration of a trial. Please note: The Justice Center does not open until 8:00am.

On the first day jurors report to the Jury Assembly Room, on the 12th floor of the Seattle Justice CenterMap.

Please allow sufficient time for security screening at the building entrance and waiting for the elevators on all days of your service.

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Identification Badges Persons With Disabilities

Jurors will be issued Municipal Court Juror Identification badges. Badges should be worn in plain view at all times (including lunch) during jury service.

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If you have any disabling conditions that may require accommodations, please contact the Jury Coordinator at 206-684-5688.

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Transportation Options On-Call

We encourage you to use mass transportation to the courthouse as parking is limited and expensive. When you arrive for jury service you may choose to receive bus tickets, light rail fare reimbursement or mileage reimbursement for your service term. We do not reimburse for parking. You will receive a bus ticket for the original trip to the courthouse at the time of check in for jury service. If you wish to receive a bus ticket prior to your arrival we would be happy to accommodate you if you give us sufficient time to allow for mail delivery. Call (206) 684-5688 or email Please include your Juror number and date of service.
To plan your trip via Metro, click here. Use Fifth Avenue & Cherry Street or Fifth Avenue & James Street as your destination point.

To receive light rail fare reimbursement, please save and hand in your train tickets.

If you meet specific guidelines you may request going on-call to your office.

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Wireless Computer Access What To Bring

The Court has installed a wireless access point in the Jury Assembly Room. This access will allow jurors who bring their laptops to access the internet.
Users who log on will first see a page with SMCs wireless access policy and an I agree with this policy button that must be clicked before the access is complete.

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Jury service can entail some waiting time in the jury assembly room, while you wait for assignment to courtrooms and/or between trials, so you may want to bring reading materials, hand sewing, crossword puzzles, stationery, etc.

Jurors may bring a lunch from home and will find a kitchen with refrigerator and beverage machines for your use in the jury assembly area.

Smoking at the Justice Center What Not To Bring

The Seattle Justice Center is a non-smoking building including its offices, lunchrooms, conference rooms, restrooms, lobbies, and stairwells. Smoking is also prohibited on the terrace area off the 12th floor and outside entrances where the smoke can enter the building.

Before your first visit to the Court please review information about Security Screening and a list of items not allowed within the Municipal Court provided by the Court Marshals.

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