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About SMC Weddings

Seattle Municipal Court (SMC) Judges are empowered to perform marriage ceremonies under the laws of the State of Washington. Marriage ceremonies are performed Monday through Friday, with a check-in time of 4:30 PM, at the Seattle Municipal Court. The Seattle Municipal Court is closed on weekends and legal holidays.

Judges are available to perform marriages at a location selected by the couple. Please make note of the fee schedule on the right.

Photos may be taken at the courthouse 30 minutes prior to check-in. We cannot accommodate time for photos after the ceremony.

Wedding parties, including the couple, guests and witnesses, should not consume alcohol or use drugs before a wedding ceremony at the courthouse. At his/her discretion, the judge may decline to perform a ceremony if the couple, guests and/or witnesses are deemed impaired.

Complete the Request Form

If you would like to request a marriage ceremony please complete and submit the following Marriage Ceremony Request form. You will receive an email confirmation in 1-2 business days. Please follow the directions in the email to confirm your request.

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What to Bring

Bring the following required items to your ceremony:

1. Marriage License

  • SMC does not provide the marriage license.
  • For a Marriage License, visit: King County Recorder's Office or call (206) 477-6620.
  • Washington State marriage licenses become valid for use three days following application and are valid for 60 days.

2. Fees (Cash Only: bring exact change.)

Number in party includes the couple getting married.

  • $100 cash for ceremonies at the Seattle Municipal Court, Monday through Thursday, for parties up to eight. ($200 for parties with 9-16 total.)
  • $250 cash for ceremonies at the Seattle Municipal Court on Fridays for parties up to eight. ($350 for parties with 9-16 total.)
  • $250 cash for ceremonies at the Seattle Municipal Court for any day before a legal holiday, for parties up to eight. ($350 for parties with 9-16 total).
  • Starting at $350 cash minimum for weekend ceremonies performed within King County at a location selected by the couple. This fee increases with distance and time commitment involved.
  • Please Note: Weddings are not performed at the Seattle Municipal Court on weekends or legal holidays.

3. Two (2) Witnesses Age 18 or Older

  • SMC DOES NOT provide witnesses.

Please Note: We try to keep wedding parties to no more than a total of 16 persons.

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