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Obtaining A Public Defender


Public Defense Services (Chapter 10.101 RCW)

Persons charged with a criminal, jailable offense may be eligible for a public defender, if they qualify financially.

For more information on having a public defender appointed, or if you do not know how to contact the public defender that was assigned, call the Seattle Municipal Court at 206-733-9753,
or visit the Court, 600 5th Ave, 2nd floor, between 9:00 AM and 12:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, or Friday from 9:30 AM through 4:00 PM, except holidays.
For directions and a map click here.

Upon a finding of indigency, your case will be assigned to a public defense agency and an attorney from that agency will contact you.

How to Make a Complaint

If you have concerns, contact the agency and ask for the misdemeanor supervisor. If your concern has not been addressed, call the Seattle Municipal Court at (206) 733-9753.

King County Department of Public Defense

Contact information for all divisions in the King County Department of Public Defense:


  1. Associated Counsel for the Accused Division (ACAD)
    • FROM THE JAIL: DIAL 0-624-8105
    • 110 Prefontaine Place South, Suite 200
    • Seattle, WA 98104
    • (206) 624-8105
  2. Northwest Defenders Division (NDD)
    • FROM THE JAIL: DIAL 0-477-9100
    • 1109 First Avenue, Suite 300
    • Seattle, WA 98101
    • (206) 477-9100
  3. The Defender Association Division (TDAD)
    • FROM THE JAIL: DIAL 0-477-9100
    • 810 3rd AVE SUITE 800
    • Seattle, WA 98104
    • (206) 477-8700

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