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Re-Licensing How To

Driver's License Suspended?  Unpaid Tickets?
Step by Step - How to regain your driver's license

Step 1 - Call Us

Call the Court at (206) 684-5600 and select option "0" to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Step 2 - Ask For Information

Tell the Customer Service Representative that you want information about your traffic tickets and the status of your drivers license. We will ask for your name and date of birth. Having your drivers license number will also help. The Court will then look up your drivers record, telling you all the tickets you owe in the state and the court(s) involved. For tickets in our court, we will tell you how to keep your license or get it back. If your tickets are in another court, we will tell you who to contact and what you can expect. If you would like a list of your tickets, please ask us to mail the list to you.

Step 3 - Start Making Payments

If your tickets are with us, we will arrange for you to meet with our Court Revenue Recovery Unit or our Collection Agency. You will talk to a person who will review your financial situation and establish a monthly time payment agreement or community service hours in lieu of time payment for those who are not able to afford cash payments. We will contact the Department of Licensing (DOL) to update their records so you may get your drivers license back. Unfortunately, the Municipal Court of Seattle does not have the authority to ask DOL to give your license back if you have tickets with another court.

Step 4 - Make Your Payments On Time

It is very important to make your payments on or before the date they are due. Paying on time prevents you from losing your drivers license and having to pay additional fees.

Step 5 - Keep In Contact

Keep in touch with the Court. We will update your record or adjust your payment plan:

  • If you cant make your payment on time
  • If you get a new ticket
  • If you need a new payment plan
  • If you move or your address changes
  • If you have a new telephone number
  • If you get a new job
  • If you lose your job
  • If you have questions about your payment plan

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