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Eligible Seattle Community Court defendants are given an offer to join the program in lieu of taking the traditional path through the court system. Once they accept the offer, they are given a comprehensive assessment to ascertain their needs. If they need help with public benefits, housing, employment, education, Native American or Veterans services, or substance abuse treatment, a recommendation is made and the judge orders them to make a linkage with service providers that can help them.

Community Court Social Services partnership organizations provide support and resources that help participants overcome their barriers, addressing issues of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, or chemical dependency.

Community Court participants are also required to complete community service hours at one of our partner sites, with the number of hours determined by the sentencing framework.

Community service participants completing community service hours in Belltown

Defendants are able to enter the program up to four times at the discretion of the City Attorney's Office. Each time their required hours increase according to the sentencing framework which was developed by the Community Court Advisory Board.