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12.7162 | 2021-05-12T02:04:11.8419598-07:00
City of Seattle Special Events Permit Handbook - Map requirements IN THIS SECTION Map Format Map Requirements Traffic ...
5.49252 | 2021-05-12T02:04:34.1407598-07:00
Zoning Map Books
Our maps show current zoning information for properties and neighborhoods in Seattle. Our maps show current zoning information for ...
5.134937 | 2021-05-12T02:04:29.9137598-07:00
Water and Sewer Map
Water and Sewer Map Water and sewer map for buildings and land parcels in Seattle. Property owners, homeowners, and developers can ...
5.070899 | 2021-05-12T02:03:50.8087598-07:00
Maps & Apps
We invite you to chart your own course through the city keeping an eye out for art in unexpected places. Art gives shape to Seattleʼs urban ...
4.924235 | 2021-05-12T02:04:30.7903598-07:00
Online Data Maps
An overview of Online Data Maps The Seattle Police Department Data Maps provide two ways of viewing crimes mapped online. They each ...
4.836806 | 2021-05-12T02:04:35.8939598-07:00
Public Maps
These are large-scale maps designed to be printed on a plotter. If you don't have access to a plotter, you can purchase copies of these maps ...
4.733099 | 2021-05-12T02:04:13.9851598-07:00
Emphasis Map
Excerpt for Emphasis Map Per the City's encampment removal rules , the City may identify specific areas as emphasis areas, which are places ...
4.597945 | 2021-05-12T02:04:22.5891598-07:00
Park Maps for Event Planning
The maps on this page are intended for planning purposes when reserving event space in a Seattle park. This is not designed to be an ...
4.597944 | 2021-05-12T02:03:31.7653598-07:00
Bike Maps
Download or request a free paper copy of our bike map Seattle Bike Map One of our most popular publications, the Seattle Bike Map is now ...
4.204113 | 2021-05-12T02:03:55.1497598-07:00
Music Map Brochure
A downloadable map of music locations around Seattle and the region Seattle is one of today's most dynamic music cities, where a rich ...
4.117351 | 2021-05-12T02:04:11.0131598-07:00
Walking Map
The best routes for pedestrians to get around Seattle The Seattle Walking Map was designed to help Seattle residents and visitors choose a ...
4.012576 | 2021-05-12T02:03:34.0055598-07:00
Downtown Campus Map
A map and direction information for the downtown campus of the City of Seattle. City information and assistance Questions or problems? ...
4.004788 | 2021-05-12T02:03:37.0197598-07:00
Bike Web Map
Current bicycle facilities located on the streets of Seattle Launch Web Map Description This map is intended to aid people biking in ...
3.956542 | 2021-05-12T02:02:55.4117598-07:00
Maps and Data
Maps and Data related to parking Maps Seattle Parking Map - citywide street parking and garages Paid Parking Areas  – paid parking ...
3.895609 | 2021-05-12T02:04:05.4369598-07:00
Project and Construction Coordination Map
This displays up-to-date information on current and future construction projects in the right of way, as well as other events that may ...
3.895609 | 2021-05-12T02:03:17.3791598-07:00
Seattle Tree Inventory Map
Info on individual street trees, including who maintains them. The street tree map provides info on individual street trees: ...
3.828211 | 2021-05-12T02:02:57.5909598-07:00
Safe Routes to School Walking Maps
School walking maps help you figure out the best route to safely walk and bike to school Updated: September 10, 2019 School walk and bike ...
3.828211 | 2021-05-12T02:03:19.9143598-07:00
Winter Weather Response Map
Learn about our Winter Weather Response Map Our snow routes  show the level of service planned for each street, not which streets will be ...
3.542707 | 2021-05-12T02:03:22.5305598-07:00
Add Your Business to the Shop Your Block Map
Interested in adding your small retail business to the Shop Your Block Map? Learn how you can add your business to the map!
3.203991 | 2021-05-12T02:03:21.1683598-07:00
Geographic Files and Maps
Geographic Files and Maps
3.203991 | 2021-05-12T02:02:59.5931598-07:00
Interactive Maps
Maps of Seattle Department of Transportation services
3.203991 | 2021-05-12T02:03:28.9041598-07:00
Sea-Level Rise Map
Sea-Level Rise Map Photo: Nick Adams, West Seattle Blog -->   View map in another window or tab .   Projections 11'NAVD88 ...
3.14721 | 2021-05-12T02:03:56.0575598-07:00
Age-Friendly Map
Age-Friendly Map This Age-Friendly webmap provides guidance for where age-friendly elements could be prioritized. The Age-Friendly Needs ...
2.968064 | 2021-05-12T02:03:47.1943598-07:00
Burke-Gilman Trail Map
Burke-Gilman Trail Map View larger map --> Legend Boat Launch Picnic Tables Road Access Point ...
2.968064 | 2021-05-12T02:03:30.7217598-07:00