Seattle Preschool Program

Voluntary, high-quality, and affordable early learning for Seattle's youngest learners.

Seattle Preschool Program applications open now for 2019-20!

Applications for Fall '19-'20 still open for some sites! Fill out an application and learn more here.

Did you know that children who participate in high quality early learning are more likely to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed? Apply today to set your child up with the best possible start.

The Seattle Preschool Program offers high-quality, affordable preschool to children across the City of Seattle.

Accessible and Affordable

Our goal is to make quality preschool affordable for all. We provide free or affordable tuition for families to attend preschool in high quality classrooms run by Seattle Public Schools and community-based organizations across the city.

High Quality

Our goal is to ensure our classrooms are high-quality and continue to improve. We use evidence-based curriculum and promote culturally responsive, engaging, and nurtuting adult/child interactions to create quality learning environments.


Our goal is to eliminate the racially disproportionate kindergarten readiness gap. Our approach is to support teachers to meet the needs of all  children through student-focused coaching, ongoing curriculum training and data analysis that uses a racial equity lens.

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