Child Care Assistance Program

The City of Seattle helps low- and moderate-income working families pay for child care for children ages one month to 13 years. Families can choose from more than 100 licensed family child care homes and centers in Seattle, which contract with the City to provide high-quality and affordable child care.

At the time of enrollment, the family will be given a voucher, which authorizes monthly child care payments to the child care home or center that they choose from the City of Seattle's provider list. The amount of the payment from the City varies according to the income of the family, age of the child, and hours of care needed. The City typically pays between 25% to 70% of a standardized rate, and the family is responsible for paying the difference between the voucher amount and the Provider’s regular monthly rate.

To qualify, you must:

  • Live within the Seattle city limits
  • Be employed and/or enrolled in educational/job training
  • Have child/children under 13 years of age
  • Currently use a provider contracted with the City of Seattle
  • Not eligible for any other child care subsidy program
  • Meet the income guidelines below based on family size
  • Meet the child support requirements

To be screened

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria above.

Send an email to CCAP@seattle.govInclude the following information or this completed form in your email.

Parent First and Last Name:
Email address:
Home address (street, zip code):
Home and/or cell phone:
Child care center:
Currently enrolled? (yes or no)
Are all adults in the home either employed or students? (yes or no):
Number of children under 18 in the home (with their ages):
Number of adults over 18 in the home:
Gross monthly income for all adults (before deductions and taxes):


Find child care sites near you that accept City vouchers. (Updated 2/1/2018).