What We Do/Committees

  • Make recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council on issues of community-wide interest relating to information and communications technology. Issues are referred by the Mayor and Councilmembers or come from community input.
  • Research issues and collect public input.
  • Encourage and promote affordable access to and use of information and communications technology.
  • Promote and advise effective electronic civic engagement and e-government services.

See our Charter in the Seattle Municipal Code and Board Rules (PDF)


CTTAB member Daniel Hoang helping with the City focus group at Helping Link

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Board members' serve on committees for specific projects or throughout the year as appropriate. The committees support City efforts as requested, champion projects and positions, gather public input, research, evaluate, publish and advise on telecommunication and technology topics.


2018 CTAB accomplishments

In 2018, the Community Technology Advisory Board (CTAB) hosted presentations to the community on a range of issues, including technology and homelessness, Smart Cities, and autonomous vehicles and prioritized its work in tackling technology issues within the areas of digital equity, smart cities, and privacy. CTAB also hosted community-wide forums featuring government, business, and non-profit leaders from across the region. Below is a summary of CTAB accomplishments for 2018. 

Digital Equity

  • Reviewed and recommended funding that resulted in 12 new Technology Matching Fund (TMF) grants.
  • Worked with Comcast and Wave to streamline application process for low-income internet program.
  • Hosted panel with Wave and Comcast to highlight low-income internet options.

Smart Cities and Privacy

  • Prepared and submitted comment to the Washington Transportation Commission on the 2040 and Beyond Transportation Plan, highlighting multi-modal transportation and best practices for data collection and security.
  • Advised on the revision of the Surveillance Ordinance and working group.

Community Forums

  • A.I., Automation, and the Workforce of Tomorrow - Public and private sector leaders discussed the impacts of ermerging technology on jobs of the future.
  • Building Effective Partnerships in the Puget Sound Region - Representatives from public, private, and non-profit sectors discussed ways to build successful collaborations for positive impact.
  • Digital Equity: Wave and Comcast - Internet Service Providers discussed their low-income options and approaches to increasing digital equity.

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