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If you experience a cable or Internet service outage, you can contact your cable operator to receive a credit on your bill.   The phone numbers for Seattle's cable operators are listed below.

(800) 266-2278

(866) 928-3123

About the Office of Cable Communications        
Established in 1976, the Office of Cable Communications (OCC) has overall responsibility for issues related to cable television and cable Internet service for Seattle residents. The Office oversees the City's non-exclusive cable television franchises with Comcast and Wave through enforcement of the franchise agreements, with an emphasis on citizen concerns.

Quick Access: Current Cable Rate information

Information on current cable rates for Comcast and Wave are available here: Office of Cable Communications Cable Rates Page

Bookmark the page for future reference when you want quick access to plan and cost options!

CenturyLink Applies for Seattle Cable Franchise

CenturyLink has applied to operate as a cable television provider in Seattle and begin offering its PRISEM video services to residents.

CenturyLink's application is currently under review. If approved, CenturyLink will be Seattle's third cable television operator, along with Comcast and Wave Broadband.

Approval of this new franchise application follows a process outlined by Seattle Municipal Code and includes these steps:

  • The application is reviewed for completeness.
  • A legal, technical, and financial review is conducted to ensure CenturyLink’s qualifications to construct, operate, and maintain the proposed cable system in the City.
  • Once CenturyLink is determined to be qualified, negotiations of the actual franchise terms begin.
  • Once agreement on proposed franchise terms is reached, the franchise is forwarded to City Council for approval.
  • The City Council will schedule a public hearing on the franchise legislation, publishing notice of the hearing at least 14 days before it occurs.
  • At the hearing, any member of the public may testify or submit written comments. 
  • The Council considers all testimony and comments in determining its action on the proposed franchise legislation.
  • The City Council then decides whether to grant the new franchise. If it does, it will be approved by a formal City ordinance.

This full process – from application, to approval, to beginning to offer actual cable service – can take up to several months.  For more information on the City’s process for approving a new cable franchise see amended Seattle Municipal Code 21.60.080 and 21.60.090

For more information about CenturyLink’s PRISEM television service offering see


Be a Smart Cable Customer ~ Get it in Writing!

In their effort to attract and keep customers, cable companies often have contracted sales agents canvassing neighborhoods or working at mall kiosks, marketing special promotional deals if you will join, change or bundle your service with them.  If you decide to take one of these deals, make sure you get something in writing that confirms the rates, services and period of time the promotion covers. 

The OCC has noticed an increasing number of complaints from cable customers who were promised one thing by a sales agent, but then billed something different.  When the customer calls the company to correct their bill, they are told ‘we have no promotion like that’ and are left trying to prove what they were promised.  If you have something in writing, it’s much easier to resolve the issue!


Seattle cable customers are also encouraged to be familiar with their rights under the City’s Cable Customer Bill of Rights

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