We provide powerful technology solutions for the City of Seattle and public we serve.

Seattle Information Technology Department is the consolidated information technology organization for the City of Seattle. Seattle IT provides the services that facilitate delivery of powerful information technology services for the City of Seattle and the public it serves. Created in April 2016, Seattle IT connects people to their government, enables an efficient and productive City workforce, and builds a digitally equitable community.

Big honors were given out to Seattle IT at this year’s annual conference of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) which took place in Seattle in September. The Digital Engagement Team was honored with two [...]
Earlier this year, we redesigned our open data portal and wrote a blog post at that time outlining the updates we made and the rationale behind them. In that blog post, we spoke to some of the related work we would be doing regarding making [...]
Seattle IT Chief Technology Officer Michael Mattmiller joined leaders from three other major cities to fight for #NetNeutrality. The four leaders gathered in Washington, D.C. earlier this month to discuss concern over the federal government’s [...]
The City of Seattle invites data scientists, developers, designers, urban planners, and anyone with an interest in aging and accessibility to A City for All hackathon September 22-24. At the event, teams will have an opportunity to work together to [...]

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