We provide powerful technology solutions for the City of Seattle and public we serve.

Seattle Information Technology Department is the consolidated information technology organization for the City of Seattle. Seattle IT provides the services that facilitate delivery of powerful information technology services for the City of Seattle and the public it serves. Created in April 2016, Seattle IT connects people to their government, enables an efficient and productive City workforce, and builds a digitally equitable community.

Seattle residents rely on government and nonprofit websites and apps to access key information and resources, like utility accounts, housing assistance, permits, and library services. But they don’t always get the chance to provide feedback on that [...]
1. Be wary of online shopping scams  Is the advertised price too low to be true? Check the price for the item on other websites and see what it’s priced at on those sites. Avoid any unusual payment system for an online item, like a money order [...]
In October, Facebook held a civic hackathon, inviting in-house engineers as well as representatives from other tech companies to apply machine learning to our open data platform (http://data.seattle.gov) to solve problems. (If you don’t know what [...]
On November 3, Mayor Tim Burgess joined more than 200 mayors and county leaders across the country in signing a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai expressing their concern about the FCC’s lack of transparency and the [...]

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