The CPC’s Senior Community Engagement Specialist Minty LongEarth is taking an exciting new position with King County. For the past four and a half years, Minty has taken a lead role in building power with community. Thank you for all you’ve done to [...]
While the Community Police Commission is just beginning to review the Court’s order, the following aspects are noteworthy: The Court made very clear that the accountability system is within the scope of the Consent Decree, not outside of the Consent [...]
To participate, please RSVP with CPC Community Engagement Specialist Nick Christian. Call or Text: (206)430-0083 Email: Nick.Christian@Seattle.gov What The Seattle Police Department (SPD), in collaboration with the Community Police Commission (CPC), [...]
Initiative 940 was passed by a wide-margin of Washington voters last November and was a historic step toward stronger police accountability statewide. Among other things, it required independent investigations when police use deadly force. However, [...]
Please RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2lPMCDn The community will once again be asked to play a critical role in making sure Seattle has a strong police accountability system. The CPC and City Council are jointly holding a public hearing on the Seattle [...]