To participate, please RSVP with CPC Community Engagement Specialist Nick Christian. Call or Text: (206)430-0083 Email: Nick.Christian@Seattle.gov What The Seattle Police Department (SPD), in collaboration with the Community Police Commission (CPC), [...]
Initiative 940 was passed by a wide-margin of Washington voters last November and was a historic step toward stronger police accountability statewide. Among other things, it required independent investigations when police use deadly force. However, [...]
Please RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2lPMCDn The community will once again be asked to play a critical role in making sure Seattle has a strong police accountability system. The CPC and City Council are jointly holding a public hearing on the Seattle [...]
The following is a press release from the Serious and Deadly Use of Force Investigation Taskforce. The taskforce was convened by the Community Police Commission, but was independent from the CPC. An independent Seattle taskforce has voted to adopt a [...]
The CPC has filed a brief asking the federal judge who oversees the Consent Decree to deny the plan the City proposed to the Court on Thursday. While the CPC is still committed to working with the Mayor’s Office and other stakeholders to help the [...]