Community Engagement

Ordinance 125315 - Chapter 3.29.300

CPC shall be responsive to community needs and concerns through means including, but not limited to, the following:

 1. Engaging in community outreach to obtain the perspectives of community members and SPD employees on police-community relations, SPD policies and practices, the police accountability system, and other matters consistent with the purposes of this Chapter 3.29.

2. Maintaining connections with representatives of disenfranchised communities and with other community groups in all of the City’s legislative districts, as well as with SPD demographic and precinct advisory councils.

3. Providing SPD, OPA and OIG with community feedback relevant to their operations received as a result of its public outreach activities.

4. Providing technical assistance on community matters to OPA and OIG, as reasonably requested and consistent with the purposes of this Chapter 3.29


Felicia Cross and Rev. Harriett Walden are part of a panel discussion for Black History month.

CPC CE Director, Felicia Cross reading to school children for Black History month.

(L-R) SPD Officer Matt Roberson, CPC's Felicia Cross, SPD Det. Denise "Cookie" Bouldin.