Data Resources

The City of Seattle makes some data about police accountability publicly available. However, much of it is scattered throughout the City's website. Here is a list of the city data resources the CPC uses. 

Community Police Commission

Police Accountability Recommendation Tracker (PART)

A regularly updated tracker detailing the content and status of every recommendation made by the CPC, Office of Police Accountability, and Office of Inspector General since 2018. 

Accountability Ordinance Tracker

A regularly updated dashboard tracking the implementation of the landmark 2017 Police Accountability Ordinance. The tracker also contains information about why certain provisions in the ordinance have not been implemented. 

Office of Police Accountability

Closed Case Summaries

A Closed Case Summary is created for every OPA investigation and posted online after the case has been completed. Closed Case Summaries provide information regarding the complaint, the specific allegations investigated, the OPA Director's findings, and discipline imposed by the Chief of Police, if applicable.

Demonstration Investigation Tracker

This tracks the progress the Office of Police Accountability (OPA) is making in investigating misconduct complaints made against officers during recent protests. 

Disciplinary Appeals Statuses

If an SPD officer is disciplined as a result of an OPA investigation, the officer has the right to appeal. This page has the statuses of those appeals for unresolved cases stretching back to 2014. 

Seattle Police Department

Use of Force Dashboard

This dashboard breaks down use of force by type, location, demographics, and more. If you want even more detailed information, you can download the entire data set here which documents all reported use of force since 2014. 

Police Shooting Dashboard

This specifically breaks down police shootings by location, demographics, and more. Like the Use of Force Dashboard, you can download the entire data set here.

Hate Crime Dashboard

This data shows hate crime numbers in Seattle by month, location, and bias type.

Crime Dashboard

This data allows the public to view SPD's current and historic crime data.

Crisis Contact Dashboard

Under the Consent Decree, all contacts with people in crisis are mandated to be thoroughly documented and analyzed. You can download the entire dataset here.

Terry Stop Dashboard

A "Terry Stop" is a stop of a person by law enforcement officers based upon "reasonable suspicion" that a person may have been engaged in criminal activity, whereas an arrest requires "probable cause" that a suspect committed a criminal offense. These are tracked and reported under the Consent Decree. They are also used to try to understand bias/racially disparity in SPD. You can download the entire data set here.

Police 911 Calls Dashboard

SPD's Calls for Service Dashboard breaks down 911 calls by time, location, and type of call.