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Current Issues

Public meeting discussing police contracts

Seattle police contracts

The latest updates and CPC recommendations regarding police contract negotiations between the City of Seattle and the city’s two police unions – the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) and the Seattle Police Management Association (SPMA).

Protest against police violence

Use of force and crowd control policies

The CPC’s work and community-based recommendations concerning the Seattle Police Department’s (SPD) use of force and crowd control policies.

Washington State Capitol Building

State Legislative Advocacy

Information about statewide police accountability legislation the CPC supports and our work to advance it through the state legislature.

Recommendations and Documents

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Police Accountability Recommendation Tracker (PART)

An interactive dashboard detailing the status of all recommendations made by the CPC, Office of Police Accountability (OPA), and Office of Inspector General (OIG) since 2018. 

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Accountability Ordinance Tracker

An interactive dashboard tracking the City of Seattle's progress towards fully implementing the landmark 2017 Accountability Ordinance. 

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Reports and letters

Key reports and letters published by the CPC since its creation, as well as responses from other organizations.

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Consent decree filings

An archive of critical materials submitted to the Federal Court overseeing the Seattle consent decree.