Your Rights as a Customer

You have the right, as a customer, to get what you pay for and to pay a fair fee for services. 

The Seattle Consumer Protection Unit regulates certain types of businesses and enforces those regulations. These regulations aim to increase consumer safety and ensure proper charges for certain goods and services. The Consumer Protection Unit regulates:

Use these webpages to know your rights as a customer of these business types:

File a complaint

Taxi, for-hire and TNC complaints
File a complaint about taxi, for-hire or TNC drivers or their vehicles.

Limo complaints
File a complaint about limousines drivers or their vehicles.

Towing complaints: private property tows
The City of Seattle has authority to ensure that you are not overcharged for private impound services.

Towing complaints: public property tows
If your car was towed from a public street or was towed for any other Seattle Police Department matter, you can request a hearing or file a complaint about the towing service.

Complaints about weighing and measuring equipment
You can file a consumer complaint against a Seattle business if you overpaid for a product due to an inaccurate device, such as a scanner or scale.

Vehicle impound information

Find a towed car
To locate a towed car, first determine whether it was towed from a city street or from private property.

Max towing fees: private property impounds
The City of Seattle limits the amount that towing companies can charge to impound a vehicle from private property in Seattle.

Max towing fees: police-authorized impounds
You pay a fixed fee to retrieve a car towed from a Seattle public street or towed for any other Seattle Police Department-related reason.