Max Towing Fees: Police-Authorized Impounds

You pay a fixed fee to retrieve a car towed from a Seattle public street or towed for any other police-related reason. The City of Seattle contracts with Lincoln Towing to provide services for police-authorized impounds. The contract also sets prices for the towing services.

Police-authorized impounds are requested for:

  • Certain parking violations.
  • Abandoned vehicles.
  • Investigative holds.
  • Stolen car recoveries.
  • Driving while license suspended (DWLS).
  • Scofflaw offenses (overdue, unpaid parking tickets).

The City of Seattle also regulates max towing fees: private property impounds.

Costs for police-authorized impounds

To retrieve your car, towing and storage fees must be paid to the towing company at the time of vehicle retrieval. If your car has been towed from a Seattle street, find out how much it will cost to retrieve it by using the Lincoln Towing Seattle impound website.

You will pay less by promptly retrieving your towed car from the storage lot. You pay no storage fee for the first 12 hours. After 12 hours, the fee is $14.50 for each additional 12-hour storage period.

Passenger cars and pickup trucks are Class A light-duty tows, which cost $185.50 per impound. Additional towing services, such as use of a dolly, may be necessary depending on your vehicle and its location.

You must also pay the City administrative fee. There is no tax on the City fee. This fee pays for the costs of administering and enforcing the towing rules.

Detailed towing costs

This table shows the towing fees charged by Lincoln Towing under its current contract with the City of Seattle. The contract, which runs through June 17, 2021, allows the contractor to request the rates be inflated by the Consumer Price Index each year beyond the base year, starting June 19, 2014.

Impound feesRates through June 17, 2021
Class A $185.50 / impound (includes dolly fee and first one-half hour of winch fee)
Class B $180 / hr
Class C $227.50 / hr
Class E $180 / hr
Driving while license suspended $116.50 / impound
Storage feesRates through June 17, 2021
20' or under $15 / 12-hour increment
Each increment over 20' 100% of storage fee
Driving while license suspended $14.50 / 12-hour increment
Each increment over 20'+A1 $14.50 / 12-hour increment
Additional service feesRates through June 17, 2021
Dolly fee $55.50 / impound
Winch fee $83.50 / hr
Extra driver fee 50% of Class A fee
Extra truck fee 75% of applicable impound fee
Mileage $9 / mi
Hook and release fee 50% of applicable impound fee plus 50% of fees for any additional services
City administrative feePer rule
Regular $35
Driving while license suspended $67
Scofflaw parking $67