Redeeming Your Vehicle

Required information to release your vehicle

A vehicle will be released to the registered owner. In addition to paying fees, you will need the following to release your vehicle:

  • Proof of ownership — documentation displaying proof of your ownership.
  • Registration — current registration, title or lease agreement.
  • License plate or VIN.
  • License plate number or vehicle identification number.
  • Valid picture identification, such as a driver's license or identification card.

A licensed driver is required to drive the vehicle from the lot. Otherwise, you may arrange to have the vehicle towed from the lot for a fee.

In addition to the impound fees, when applicable the parking citations are provided when the towed vehicle is released. Those are separate and payable to the City of Seattle.

Authorizing someone else to release your vehicle

A person who is not the registered owner may pick up the vehicle or remove property from the vehicle if he or she has a notarized statement from the registered owner that includes:

  • The name of the authorized person.
  • A legible photo copy of the registered owner's identification card or driver's license.
  • License plate number or vehicle identification number.
  • Vehicle's make and year.

Fax the authorization to the Aurora impound lot at 206-363-6290.