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  • The Fall 2014 edition of our Archives Gazette is now available, with news about SMA programs and projects, highlights from the collection, and more.
  • Listen to Jim Page sing at the public hearing to discuss street musicians in our latest Seattle Voices entry.
  • Read an an anonymous rant about hippies in Seattle in our September Find of the Month.

What do archivists do?

"Archivists bring the past to the present. They're records collectors and protectors, keepers of memory. They organize unique, historical materials, making them available for current and future research." (Lisa Lewis) The Seattle Municipal Archives is featured on Seattle Channel's City Stream - watch it now!

Woman in bedroom, 1930s
Item 78076, City Light Glass Lantern Slides (Record Series 1204-03)

How do I find a photograph of my house?

There are several resources you can use to locate a photograph of your house. The best place to start is the Puget Sound Regional Branch of the State Archives (phone: 425-564-3940).